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  1. http://www.letsgodigital.org/images/artike...h-air-mouse.jpg In referring to the picture attached, I am trying to find out what kind of material is used for the upper plastic part of the mouse. What kind of finish is used? How do you get it shiny? What type of Plastic it is? Is it mixed with anything else? How can you print colour on it? How do you make it a dark sea blue colour?
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a good overall foam cutter for making product models. I can't seem to find suppliers for one that is more than 250+ mm high. It will be use frequently from day to day and needs to be able to make models from small to large. Could any recommend a model and a supplier? Cheers,
  3. bowlofnoodle

    Google Wave Invites

    I have 4 Google Wave invites to give away, who wants it? PM me your emails or post it here. Cheers
  4. bowlofnoodle

    First Photoshop Rendering

    This website has good vector tutorials. Check it out. http://vector.tutsplus.com/category/tutorials/ http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials/illus...h-in-six-steps/
  5. Draw it bigger. Use up the whole page. Use big swoops. Draw it with more details. Define the surfaces well. Cars look a lot better when it is big, accurate, detailed and well proportioned/designed. Check out this awesome rendering http://www.carbodydesign.com/gallery/2009/...gn-seminars/11/
  6. Hi rfquerin, That is actually a good effort for a first try. It is pretty clean. The proportion is good as well..as a cartoon sketch. To improve, the step would be to flesh out the design of the whole car (not just the side) and then draw it in 3D. When you design you need to go step by step. You need to design it first, draw rough sketches first, draw it lightly, change the form as you go, draw it large (whole page), fix it up as you go, figure what does it look like, what are the lights, bonnet...draw it many times to get the look you want. Try using a theme - muscular cars, aircraft/jet style car, wild animal styling car, soft metal. Get reference material from websites like carbodydesign.com, or images of sculptures etc. After figuring out your design then you start the rendering. Drawing the whole car. Draw it bigger. Clean the line up. Do the whole she bang with the rendering process. You don't want to produce a car rendering in one go. There are too many things to think about at once. Hope this helps.
  7. bowlofnoodle

    Car Sketch

    The front window (name?) looks a bit flat hey. Awesome job for a quick sketch though. I would like to see it drawn bigger with more details. =]
  8. bowlofnoodle

    Disappointed With Intuos

    I have been using a tablet-pc for a short period, and I would suggest to go back to a stand alone tablet. The reason is that the tablet-pc is rather large and bulky. It takes abit of effort to handle it when drawing. Anything that takes more effort is more difficult to use. Also the position of a stand alone tablet is more ergonomic when you draw while look at the screen. When you draw on the tablet pc looking down, it hurts your back...you'll get back pain. I would go with a tablet that is proportional to the screen and slightly smaller. So it is similar to the coordinates on the screen. The shorcut technique spook talked about makes a big difference. And also tablet sketching is mainly for sketching and not rendering. I would say if you are looking for render quality result, it is more about using the path tools and other techniques.
  9. bowlofnoodle

    World Industrial Design Day

    Happy World Industrial Design Day everyone! The industry has its own day. We must be doing a lot of good work! In Sydney there is a gathering at a bowling club/bar. So I might head down with a couple of friends.
  10. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Practicing sketching again since a long while ago!
  11. bowlofnoodle

    Always Generating Ideas...

    name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object>"> name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340"></embed></object>" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350"> I found this game trailer so inspirational.
  12. I'll say aesthetics or beauty in product is based on: - Principles of design. A chair designed by Starck looks good because it looks balance and proportional. - Association or resemblance of something beautiful. The meaning of the design cues. Shiny translucent plastic looks good on product because it is associated with diamonds and crystals.
  13. There is more to it than just shading the area where the light don't hit. - You need to set up a good lighting scene. Know where to put the light that shines at the object while also leaving dark shadow area that is eye catching. So its also about setting up the scene. Look at some reference, think of how it looks like in your mind first. - You need to also consider light bouncing on surfaces. Usually there is a light bouncing from the ground and hits the darker area. This make alot more realistic when you understand it. - You need have a focus point, only detail and shade area nearest to you. You want have lots of colours and detail on the part of the object that is nearest to you. As the other part of the object leave it untouch. It gives a sense of realistic fish eye effect. Also darken the small darkest areas to the max. It really adds depth to it. - Besides all that, you basicly shade the surfare that is beyond the perpendicular angle to the light ray from the source. You should look at real pictures to understand this. Try the links below; http://www.toyfon.com/html/sketchwall.htm http://snigom.deviantart.com/art/Adanced-S...niques-43158629
  14. bowlofnoodle


    Awww i spent ages working on that, and no one said anything isnt that the best Intro outa all ?? im dissapointed now Gday scorpio.tn1, Welcome to the forum. Post up some of your work so we can have a look and comment. Best yet comment on other's work. Your intro is really alot of fluff to me. Get real and lets do some actual design. I am glad to see design communication students on here, see what there oppinions are. Anyways, the sketching session is great to start participating, and the finish section is good to browse and view. Anyways all the best!
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Salery + Freelance

    As my supervisor would say. You wouldn't be rich doing design. You are not really doing something that is need. It's fun hobby thing that there are many talent people out there can do. As career, I reckon it is better to focus on the money and have design as your strength in your direction. Product development these days are like a race, you need to run like you are in a marathon just to keep up. (Quoting from a book I just read)
  16. bowlofnoodle

    Tablet Pc

    What you can also do is buy a compact cheap keyboard and connect it to the tablet pc. It lets you pretty much use all the keys you need while having the tablet pc closed.
  17. bowlofnoodle

    Tablet Pc

    I bought one of the Tx2500 series. So far I am really happy with it. It currently selling for only $999 USD with $300 dollars off. After uninstalling all the junk on the machine, it actually runs pretty well, its really well built and shiny. One good advantage of tablet pc over pen sketching is that you can paint on it, use layers, do overlays. From drawing to presentation is jump more simple. It is also way better than tablets because, it is direct contact, no second guessing your strokes.
  18. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Testing out my new tablet PC. =] Overlay drawings are so much better in digital!
  19. bowlofnoodle

    Scootah The Sustainable Kick Scooter

    Great model! Design just looks great as a real model. How did you learn welding techniques? Have you use a plasma gun? =]
  20. bowlofnoodle

    Student Portfolio Critique

    The images of the drill and the kitchen table. Are they a rendering or a real model? They look really good! (Visually) If it was a rendering what setup did you use? Which software? Regarding comments, some of the images looks really good. Although there is a lack of understanding of what the project is about, major milestones, market, ergonomic, problem. etc... There are so many kitchen tops out there why would people want to buy this one? The sketching development seems too rough, it looks like a lot of photshop work over thumbnail sketches. Which is contradicting. But overall I like some of your styling work. Kind of like the Bombay Glass.
  21. bowlofnoodle

    Spaceship A Day

    http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=135980 Check out this project, where a concept spaceship was built in full size as a kids entertainment exhibition!
  22. bowlofnoodle

    Spaceship A Day

    Totally dig your work. You better reach 100! =] This would totally develop your vocabulary of design language. You might want to grab a copy of Discovery Channel Magazine for some really beautiful nature reference.
  23. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Its actually a 3d object rendered in Rhinocerous 3D. This topic includes doodles AND other things, so why not 3D. =] And it took about an hour to model all the MANY small details.
  24. bowlofnoodle

    Surviving A Design Critique

    Haha really funny and thoughtful. One thing you can do to dodge a really hard question is say "Thats a tricky questions, I will get back to you on the one" and continue on with the presentation. By then end they will probably forget about it! heh
  25. bowlofnoodle


    I just ordered a copy of this book yesterday. Might be in your alley. From Concept to Consumer: How to Turn Ideas Into Money by Phil Baker November 1, 2008

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