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  1. bowlofnoodle


    Sorry is not good enough, we must seek this illustrator file down and make sure it is destroyed! hahaha kidding
  2. bowlofnoodle

    Jet soundbox

    Renzsu> ohh yea it is elegant in its simplicity manner, as I mentioned it is unique and nice. I was refering to the presentation being a little plain.
  3. bowlofnoodle


    Yes I think its a great idea too, something simple as that but no one has thought of. Goes to show, imagination is never limited!
  4. bowlofnoodle

    Jet soundbox

    Its too plain, and boring. How about some catchy sentences? "more class, more style, more fun" add some shapes, texture, fill in the blank spaces...a sense of scale, by adding a person next to it. but yea speaker looks unique and nice, needs more detail like dzaan mentioned.
  5. bowlofnoodle

    Why I might not be on this forum for a while...

    Hope you find a solution quick and soon, a mother is important in your life.
  6. bowlofnoodle

    I like Ai

    heh heres mine aswell! EFTPOS machine rendered in Illustrator. The unique "Mesh Tool" is extremely usefull in Illustrator. So easy to control the gradient shading and colours.
  7. bowlofnoodle

    My Vacuum Cleaner

    Wow a complete actual project. Great post! It looks great! I like the idea how it is small, how it is how the body is attached to the handle stick. Hate how the hose just always gets into your way, seriously thats the main problem. Another problem is gets blockage with dust and become un hygienic. Should probably make it so you can open up the host and all compartment, so you can clean and unclog the rubbish and dust. Also it is hard to endurer long hours of vacuming, using large amount of force to direct the vacum around with only one handle on the edge. Thou it keeps a good posture. Yeah, all in all your skills is so good man! You did a very good job from getting an idea to paper to the real thing!
  8. bowlofnoodle

    How do you design

    Renzu> Yes, you're right. But then again, to create something new would mean inventing something new. The scientist invent new things, but the job of the designer is to improve on these invention. For example, scientist invent the engine and the designer utilize this engine to create a car.
  9. bowlofnoodle

    How do you design

    To design is to create something that improve over an already existing thing. It is not art, where you creat images to communicate information. So it just comes to the bottom line of creating something BETTER (most people dont realise this). What defines a better SUPERIOR design would be: Safety Ergonomics How well it achieves the puspose? Efficiency of value Material Environmental friendly Visual aesthetic Manufacturing... Thats just the top of my head... feel free to add what I've miss to the list.
  10. bowlofnoodle

    Some Rhyno Modeling Tutorilas

    Rhino help forum http://www.renderosity.com/messages.ez?ForumID=12371 more focus towards new users...where you can ask anything, even the most simple questions and there is always someone will help you out.
  11. bowlofnoodle

    Quick Sketching In Painter

    Model the car in 3D! in either Rhino or Solidworks.
  12. bowlofnoodle

    Tablet Pencil Workflow

    Heres a lil tip to draw with tablet You can put a piece of standard paper over the drawing area, and use the pen to draw on it. It works! try it! It is like actually drawing on paper! much better control then the smooth surface.
  13. Hey all Here is two of my EFTPOS concepts for Uni project. Basicly just to design an EFTPOS terminal with traditional media! My first time using markers and all. I am currently in my 2nd semester for first year. What do you guys think? ============================================================== and this forum rocks! bai
  14. bowlofnoodle

    Desktop EFTPOS Terminal Concepts

    To waikit: I found it hard to create gradients with markers, too scared of wrecking the drawing and have to do it all over again just because of a little mistake. And yeah the gradient overlaps with each other...would you mask the work the sides if you would do a gradient? for example if you want to do gradient down the middle section excluding the side part. Because you WILL overlap as your stroke will flow so quick to control... To Random Designer: YEah i agree, a 3D perspective view would communicate the design alot better, but yeah the project only allows you do othogonal views. About the background i dun get what you mean by "star" gradient bg? and yeah compare to my peers, their works are not really up scrath, some of them don't even like to draw =/.
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Desktop EFTPOS Terminal Concepts

    heh? I have absolutely no idea of what are you trying to say. Wouldnt it be better if the front view be on the right..because, we tend to read everything from right to left. and erm since the light appears from the right side, shouldn't the light reflect for both the product and background from the right aswell aswell. oO but yeah a shadow would bring the object right out, but too scared too wreck my drawing heh i derno but ur funny.
  16. bowlofnoodle

    *** mobile ***

    Great idea! i can see it in many office and homes! though the seating and arm rest are not comfortable for long hours of work...OHS!
  17. Is there any volunteer work? Can't you just work for free for a short period and ask for a position for the company.
  18. These research information are essential, more!
  19. bowlofnoodle


    Looks good...but yea i wouldn't sit on one!
  20. bowlofnoodle


    Wow the quality of work in this forum is great! Most of the work are in 3D! The most simplest things can be draw with couple of lines, instead why not make it beautiful! hmm i am lost..nvm!
  21. bowlofnoodle


    Little small to see but your renderings are great! What kind of material did you use? I see you you tend to put part lines in empty areas...hmm those parallel lines How about another pattern aye?

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