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  1. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's 3D Work

    I can't seem to open the website. It returns an error page. I made another video today - Explode/Explosion/Melt a Creo 3D Model in 3DS Max Also - Import/Export Creo/CAD IGES file to 3DS Max Flip Normal Correctly Just playing around with 3D. =]
  2. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Thanks for the tip waikit. Some quick sketch of 'futuristic cars'.
  3. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Hi everyone, I need to get a regular routine in designing and sketching. This will be my sketchbook of many different things including products, cars, people and other random things. It is good to have my work flow from sketch into rendering and projects. Feel free to give feedback and comments. I want to make this a regular thing to make a post every few days so I keep my skills up and see how much I have improved down the line. This is sort of in line with my work. I will be committed as I can. Enjoy, bowlofnoodle
  4. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Modelling a dragon head in Creo.
  5. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Made simple Creo tutorial on YouTube. Practicing using CAD to create a Mickey Mouse head.
  6. bowlofnoodle

    Rendering 2D Sketch

    Ohh ok, I see the picture now. It is a handle for the tenon saw. What you do is just, find a lighting direction. Break the handle into basic shapes and the just shade in the shadows. Just do something like this. http://www.zurb.net/me110a/images/sphere.jpg Just practice, doing it a few times and you will get it. You can put another bound light from the ground surface to make it look realistic.
  7. A good start is just do small projects. Take it one step at a time. Think of something that you are excite about. What do you really want to design? What project makes you and other excited about? After that, try your best to make it happen. Aim to make it really nice quality and nice. It will take some time, but you got to risk it to get the biscuit.
  8. bowlofnoodle

    Hand Saw&back Saw Project

    Look at anthropocentric data to find size that would fit most people. This saw when used to cut large wood pieces can cause injury. How can you improve difficult cuts? Try talk to expert and users. See what they think.
  9. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Working on some dynamic and unique look. Angle and flat eyes make cars look strong.
  10. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Some quick car sketches.
  11. bowlofnoodle

    Bowl's Sketchbook

    Practicing techniques for a new CAD package.
  12. Very nice. I like the colourful and bright display. I just screams out chunky and bulky, but that maybe what you are after. Overall, It is good. Some comment is, some of the shape is basic, round and straight lines. I would like more organic shapes like a car or a stealth fight. But that is me. What program did you use?? It would look cool if it looks more plastic or metal. More realistic. You need to round all the edges, no sharp edges please.
  13. Wow, this is great. Especially for a second year. I am sure you have a put a large amount of time to put in such amount of detail and care. I know because I have to do it myself. Welcome to the forum. I will say it is too clean (of course I could be nasty and comment about minor issues), but it would be better to see more rendering of many products and other things. Practice doing some more renderings and start building your portfolio.
  14. bowlofnoodle

    How To Develop Creativity

    Some ideas today in business school suggest designers really need to talk customers, understand them and find out what people need. Creativity is the challenge. There is no one approach, you need to come up with your original innovative approach to be successful. Johnathan Ive designs apple products based on the the technique by a famous Braun designer (I have forgotten his name). He also went to Japan to learn teachings from there. He does things very thoughtfully and carefully. So some schools can teach you the technique. Other straight to the point ideas: Look at nature, pick a theme, twist and bend ideas, talk to other people, keep things in the back of your head, go to library and museum, draw lots... I hope that helps.
  15. bowlofnoodle

    Creo Basic Tutorial - Letter Holder

    I have made a simple tutorial on how to use Creo to model and render a letter holder. Check it out: http://youtu.be/_Dom6Ri0ckk Creo has some simple and useful features such as a nice rendering library. Creo 2 Student Edition is available for free at - http://www.ptc.com/c...unity/download/
  16. bowlofnoodle

    3D Renders And Sketches

    Nice rendering and CAD work. Good job. =]
  17. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Drawing daily products.
  18. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Quick doodles in Paint. It is just more convenient..
  19. bowlofnoodle

    Free Hand Product Design Sketches

    Nice sketches. A lot of products look the same these days.
  20. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Awesome sketches will. Interesting techniques.
  21. bowlofnoodle

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Revisiting my sketching skills.
  22. I am looking for interesting and inspiring designs be design greats. What are your favorite design icon? At the moment, I really like the Bourgie Lamp.
  23. bowlofnoodle

    Ten Principles Of Good Design

    What I take awhile from his idea is the Unobstrusive factor. Design should just work without having people thinking too much about how it should be used. But to be honest, I find his designs principles being used everywhere, relating to Apple products, which is getting a bit boring. I would prefer an original approach. I like to use these criteria in my design http://www.gooddesignaustralia.com/awards/assessment/
  24. bowlofnoodle

    Universal Design

    It is really similar and depends on where it is used. To me inclusive design is to design a product to accommodate to the 90 percentile and to use Anthropocentric data. I was actually studying exchange at NCSU - Universal Design Centre. And the class was focus on design product considering ergonomics and about using the data. Designing hand grips, handles and things like that. It did not favor project that just looking at a different way of doing. Where as Universal Design to me is design, the solution could be anything. Looking at it holistically. It does not have to focus too much on ergonomics.
  25. Hi everyone, the Gnomon Master Classes 2011 are great learning resources from top professionals. The work they produce looks amazing. From the DVDs I've seen they are extremely helpful. These classes will be even better I bet. It is on December 5-19th for two weeks. 14 online classes for 265$ USD. http://www.gnomonschool.com/master/2011/ Note: You can win free tickets by promoting the event. Go to http://forums.thegnomonworkshop.com/showthread.php?t=4508 There are still a few tickets available. Cheers, bowlofnoodle huuhuy.com

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