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  1. hellow aprilinnovember

  2. aprilinnovember

    Best Computer For Solidworks?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good workstation to run SolidWorks? or an upgrade to my current system? Right now I have a Macbook Pro 5,5, the one that came out in 2009, with only 2 GB ram. Although I realize that 6 GB ram is better for SolidWorks, I've also been told that a better videocard would really solve my problems. So that leaves me with the question, add more ram to this machine or just buy a PC with the ram and videocard that I need? Problem being that I only have about $900 to spend or less.
  3. Red Wings lost. Superlameness. Now, need something to drown out the screaming infant as well.

  4. Hello, I'm a graduate industrial design student hoping to get into furniture/housewares design. I'm learning SolidWorks and Autocad in school. Does anyone have a recommendation for another software to learn? Rhino? Alias? 3D Studio Max? Sketchup? Other?

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