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  1. akinbacioglu

    Akin Bacioglu Design Factory

    thanks guys, I am planning to change my website as soon as possible. At least, designs have to be seen in a shorter time. I have to learn some html again
  2. akinbacioglu

    Akin Bacioglu Design Factory

    Hello designers, Take a look at the links below for my industrial and graphic design works; My personal website (designed by me) if you like my designs, please drop a line on the guestbook, My design forum Also, i have a facebook fan page which includes my latest designs ; Facebook fan page
  3. Hello all, I want to learn Alias Studio and installed 2010 version but Whenever I open the program, the interface is always flu as in attachment file. what could be the reason for that ? installation, graphic card or graphic tablet ? Also, when I try to draw a CV curve with the graphic tablet (UC Logic-wp8060), it shows the cv on the very left side of the screen. I have same problem with Alias Sketchbook Pro. When I draw a line on the middle of the page, it draws it on the very left part of the screen and it moves just up and down on a vertical line but i can draw whatever i want with photoshop or illustrator. What is the problem with Alias products ?
  4. attachment was finally sent !!
  5. sorry, the attachment is in this post...
  6. akinbacioglu

    Akin Bacioglu Design Factory

    Also you can see my logo design portfolio in my behance page ; http://www.behance.net/gallery/LOGO-COLLECTION-2010/739997 comments are welcome here and there ...
  7. akinbacioglu

    Akin Bacioglu Design Factory

    You can also add your portfolio files and links to my design forum. Here is the link; http://akinbacioglu.com/designforums/forumdisplay.php?fid=38
  8. akinbacioglu


    also chair is a multifunctional furniture which designed for teen rooms and small houses. It can be used as an reading armchair and also a desk. Just flip the armchair for 90 degrees and now it is an desk. Besides there is a bookcase behind the backrest of the armchair to put your favorite books or homeworks. It works properly in both position. because of the lines of design and selected mateerials and it is very easy to produce and very cheap to purchase.
  9. Hi all, I'm struggling in modelling a spoon in Rhinoceros. I created a skeleton for the spoon but can't build a clear, all around tangent surfaces. Here is three screenshot of the model. If anyone got the idea, I can send the rhino file ? I'm looking forward to hear any reply, thanks already...
  10. akinbacioglu

    Help With Spoon Modeling In Rhino

    freestyle ? how ?
  11. akinbacioglu

    Compact Kitchen

    what is the purpose of the rounded corners ? I think you lose very important space on these points. and are you sure you made this sketches before the projects ? they are like made in same day and they belong to the same specific idea. Did you look at for studio kitchens projects on the net ? i remember some very good projects presented in designboom's competitions. Look at them for more effective space usage.
  12. akinbacioglu

    X-one Chair

    kekata, i think this chair wants a prototype and to be stackable. could you send me your scene except the chair my e-mail adress (elmagnifico23@hotmail.com). i will be appreciated.
  13. akinbacioglu

    X-one Chair

    it seems a little weak to sit. and how does sitting surface join with front structure ? on the other hand, rendering is quite realistic. would you share your backround scene with me ? or send a wireframe printscreen and rendering settings ?
  14. akinbacioglu

    Minigorille Portfolio :-)

    previous music in the website were better i think. i want it back
  15. akinbacioglu


    thanks eobet, great comment which is same with competition jury. i also normally hate multifunctional or multi-directional furnitures but i guess this design is successful in both direction. with a little more ergonomics, it will be better. by the way, i realize that i am talking about my design as if someone else
  16. akinbacioglu


    ekove, you pointed on the right corners. i try to produce a prototype to see ergonomics problems. other than this, the seat will be upholstered. if you move the chair about 5 cm left or right, then forward you will be closer to the desk. but i should try to solve this problem with at the basis on a mock-up.
  17. akinbacioglu


    vander, try to look at % 100 zoom you should see the grains of wood. i still defense my style and admit you don't like this style and i try to add my presentations a little far-east and still find this one relaxing. my eyes tired of exact contrasts for years while in the college. by the way, sorry for the grammer mistakes if there is any because of my non-good english.
  18. akinbacioglu


    thanks for comments. vander, boring word is not from a design point of view. some one can say minimalistic while other one can say boring. it's rather an emotional word. on the other hand, i am agree with you especially from an ergonomics point of view. but making some prototypes will certainly solve this problem easily.
  19. akinbacioglu


    grant, thanks for watching and question. its size is not proper for adults because it means a higher table surface than normal which is ergonomically wrong. there is a 15 cm gap between the sitting height and the bottom part of the desk.

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