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  1. which university in usa or australia or malaysia is GOOD and AFFORDABLE? please can someone tell me which job can i get with this later?... salary?....aprrox which types of assessments or assignment do students have?
  2. USING MECHANICAL FASTENERS,PIN ....any other ideas how can i connect a wheel? ?any good website where i can get the info
  3. how to produce a nice background in My design Folio and with my own design furniture in it any video tutorial plz??...
  4. emo angel

    Chair Sketch

    can someone tell me which software (user friendly) can i used to make such design sketches plz
  5. emo angel

    Sketching Software?

    http://postimage.org/image/6dpwds6c/ does the designer use sketchbook to draw the above image ? how to produce same type of quality sketch on sketchbook designer 2012 ??tutorial.is it possible to sketch without graphic design tablet plz?
  6. emo angel


  7. emo angel


    which software can i used for changing the colour of the frame structure other than Photoshop>?? or which software (user friendly-amateur) can i used for making the same chair giving a quality like sketch up. http://postimage.org/image/prbg1k78/
  8. i want to make this chair in exploded view,is there any software which can separate the different parts of this chair directly
  9. Can I put "All rights reserved" in my portfolio for mt school A-level PROJECT ??
  10. emo angel

    Name Of This Chair

    The requested page could not be found.
  11. emo angel

    Sketching Software?

    which brand for graphic design tablet plz??
  12. emo angel

    Check Out My Portfolio

    nice work...
  13. emo angel

    Chair Sketch

  14. emo angel

    Chair Sketch

    and how to apply the colours...rendering ..shadows....which software??

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