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  1. Lilit

    What Do You Think Of These Sketches?

    agree also most fo the sketches are blurred besides i prefer more sketches and less text
  2. nice works! since you have the colour rendering faculty, i think you will benefit from doing just lots of quick line drawings
  3. Lilit

    Sketch Challenges: Suggest A Topic

    childrens products
  4. Lilit

    Sketch Challenge August 2011

    Is this challenge still on? Really like this idea!
  5. I am very excited about this project and I would like to thank the organisers. This is a very broad brief, therefore i will be looking into implications of technological advances in developing countries. Conveniently, I will be traveling to Armenia (its a tiny little country, check it on the map!) in 10 days, so the first hand research will be conducted. I will be updating this post afterwords with more visual ideas. i am not sure about the outcome yet, dont have any specific product in mind, but i have the strategy and good intentions, so it is a good start

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