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  1. Very helpful information.
  2. Very helpful information.
  3. BBrandDesign

    Stuck With Logo Design

    A logo should be the personification of your company identity.
  4. BBrandDesign

    Package Design

    When shopping, consumers subconsciously recognise elements in the following order: colour, shapes, images and words. Understanding this behavior, and tailoring packaging solutions to it, can help maximise a brand’s projection and recognition on shelf.
  5. Hi Karl Baxter, I must appreciate your knowledge. Can you please tell me what the different sealing techniques available are?
  6. Can you tell me what I need to be looking at on the label when it comes to expensive food products verses the beverage store products?
  7. I visited the links given in this post. . They contain the exact information that I need. Thanks!
  8. One of the most important and simple ways a designer can move beyond conventional packaging solutions is to consider alternative materials. For example, PLA (poly-lactic acid) is fast becoming the favored alternative to plastic.
  9. Hey Guest_Bowl of Soup, first of all thanks for the technical term i.e. snap-fit. I have visited the links you put here.
  10. BBrandDesign

    Which Is The Best Software For Logo Making ?

    Thanks IceCalibre for your suggestions. However, can you give some more options? Actually I need something more advanced.
  11. I think Ronnie Space’s second option is much better to implement. Auto-CAD is good solution for you.
  12. I guess Emmawhite is asking for packaging design. Am I right?
  13. BBrandDesign

    Products Designed To Be Used Not By Humans

    Hello Abellone! Your choice of question is interesting. I am really trying to find some good list of those products designed or used but that do not need any operation from a human. I will really soon come with some good output on this research.
  14. BBrandDesign

    Designed Products That Haven't Been Used.

    How do you choose the right level of design to test an idea or the viability of a product?
  15. BBrandDesign

    How To Develop Product?

    Developing a Product Marketing Strategy is one of the most challenging and exciting aspects of product marketing and launching a new product. Every one has ideas, inventions, and dreams but only a few people ever make any money from their thoughts.

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