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  1. mart2010uk

    Computer Fan

    Hey guys, Just thought I would show a quick project, a computer fan which I designed so that the internals of an existing fan fit inside (so that is works). Then I proceed to design a cone to direct the air, and stand to hold the whole thing. Main purpose of this project is to demonstrate the different materials that we use with our machines. Thanks for looking, Mart.
  2. mart2010uk

    3D Printed Cycling Glasses

    Sorry for the delayed response, thanks! Not over the top really, more-so at the bottom but they are slender cycling glasses which have changeable prescription lenses (not sunglasses). I have modified the design for a sunglasses design. I printed holes in the frame and ends of the arms and a pair of glasses screws applied, not difficult using our printers!
  3. mart2010uk

    3D Printed Cycling Glasses

    Applied first coat of paint, more to come later. I've also decided to do a sunglasses version! Thanks for looking.
  4. mart2010uk

    3D Printed Cycling Glasses

    Well I work for a RP company 'EnvisionTec' so used Perfactory standard Zoom & UV for the clear lens (at 35 Microns for the frame/arms, and 100 Microns for the lens which was polished).
  5. Been busy designing some cycling glasses, got them 3D printed: Need painting and lenses are being treated by a special process which will make them much more clear (like glass) then tinting film is being applied. Will post pics once finished.. Ignore the red tape holding the lens in place..
  6. Hey guys, I have sorted to go for Solidworks training (advanced) through work and was wondering what it is worth in the industry? Also anyone been on one of these courses, any feedback?. Thanks, Mart.
  7. mart2010uk

    New Products :)

    Personally I like the legs to the Jug, looks different, almost like a obese animal with short lets! Flattering way to describe cooking apparatus I know! Haha, Good work!
  8. mart2010uk

    Elm Wood Furniture

    How long did these take you to build? Very nice!!
  9. mart2010uk

    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    Not even a birthday vote! Haha
  10. mart2010uk

    Voting Closed. Winners Announced!

    I need some votes :-( haha
  11. mart2010uk

    Toolbox Entry 'tucx'

  12. mart2010uk

    Toolbox Entry 'tucx'

    My final design. 'Tucx' is a multi-functional portable storage & sketch unit, designed for the modern designer. With many functions including Ipod/Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to play inspiring music & many important storage areas. Below is my final design, I will be posting up another compilation of images very soon to show the functional side of Tucx.
  13. mart2010uk

    Globetrotter - The Ultimate Mobile Workspace

    Hi there, Nice sketches, you do know the final idea must be in today ?
  14. mart2010uk

    Questions & Answers

    Brill! Glad I asked thank you.
  15. mart2010uk

    Questions & Answers

    Hi, Possibly a silly question, but when has everyone's final idea/design got to be submitted? Thanks.

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