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  1. Liviu Tudoran

    Mini Boost

    well..no time to finish it...yet..I do have some rough sketches of it..I'll add more at www.tudoran.carbonmade.com...hopefully..
  2. Liviu Tudoran

    Some Of My Sketches

    I'll add some recent works here as well because it's been a while...I reopened my website...www.tudoran.carbonmade.com will add some new pieces next weekend. I'm planning to work out that aston martin project with the help of you guys. Hope to get some constructive comms and crits. Thanks in advance!
  3. Liviu Tudoran

    Mini Boost

  4. Liviu Tudoran

    Mini Boost

    A project I started with an ex-colleague of mine for my dimploma back in summer 2012 when I graduated from IED, Turin it started as a sedan project and got some free weekends to adapt the alias model on another pacakge. Turned out to be some kind of 2 doors coupe that is a bit different from what MINI has, from a design language point of view, as well of arhitecture and packaging. My alias skills are not that great, you might notice that in the last ambient oclussion test that I'm uploading. The interior is as well just 4-5 hours worth of modeling. I'll add some sketches as well soon, hope I'll find the time and motivation to finish it Anyway, waiting for some crits here. Thank you!
  5. Liviu Tudoran

    Some Of My Sketches

    Thank you guys, I'm uploading some couple of sketches..new stuff..I would appreciate if you will comment as usual...give some constructive crits...as well on my blog or my online portfolio (links in the signature) I appreciate!
  6. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

    Thank you all for the comments! I appreciate! I like your proposal advancedboy, thank you for sharing!
  7. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  8. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  9. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  10. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  11. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  12. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

  13. Liviu Tudoran

    Pininfarina Dodici

    This is my 5th semester project here at IED Torino. Please comment and criticise..Thank you! More at tudoran.carbonmade.com
  14. Liviu Tudoran

    Some Of My Sketches

    Hey guys, Is been a while since I didn't post nothing here, I attached some of the new stuff...you can always check them at my blog or online portfolio ( links at my signature) Thank you for your feedback!
  15. Liviu Tudoran

    Maserati Fractal


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