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  1. This is so frustrating. My cintiq started to develop squiggly/wiggly/jittery lines, and it makes drawing exceptionally difficult. I've tried backdating the drivers, updating the drivers, to no avail. Has anyone experienced this issue, and what did you do to fix it?
  2. Okay, this has screwed me up for years, and now that I'm getting into animating with solidworks I can't stand it anymore. Sometimes, when using solidworks, I have an assembly or a model where everything is 'turned' 90 degrees. I click on "right view" and it shows the right side, but it's all sideways. I click on front, and it shows me the top. Everything is off by about 90 degrees, which is okay for general modeling, but when you start rendering something or animating something, the shadows start to screw everything up if there is a shadow on the SIDE of the object. It looks stupid. So how do I fix this?
  3. I have a client that wants to take an existing part, convert it into "wires", then thicken each wire, and 3d print the result to get a delicate, "art" version of the part printed right next to the real one. Anybody have any ideas?
  4. So I'm in charge of producing two prototypes, that call for a translucent piece of plastic that will be milled and polished out. Thing is, I don't want just a generic smoke or tint, I want something REALLY dark, as it will be milled to about 1mm thick in front of an OLED screen. I'd like either jet black, or really dark blue. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anywhere I can purchase plastic like this, it seems like most plastic suppliers just have the generic "smoked" or "tinted" acrylic sheets, that's it. Anybody have any ideas?
  5. Have a new project regarding a self-serve kiosk. Apart from typical human factors optimizations, do you have any suggested reading/tips/suggestions? Let me know!
  6. cash68

    Removal Force

    Designing an electrical product, battery powered. It recharges in a base, but the EE's want a lot of force on the contacts for the best electrical connection. It's to the point where the base, which really doesn't have much to it, lifts when you lift the handpiece. Is there any type of spec I can use here? I think the base should stay on the counter when you remove the handpiece, without holding it down.
  7. Yeah, that's really, really, really labor intensive. I'm using Solidworks btw. I was just wondering if there was some method to take a donut, and somehow convert it into this:
  8. I currently work with SW2010, 2011, and 2012 frequently. Currently, I try to open a file first with 2010, then 2011, then 2012, to see the earliest version I can open it with, that way when I send it back to a client I'm sure they're still able to use it. However,.... this is annoying. How does one tell what version it will open with, without trying to open it with different versions?
  9. cash68

    Show us your wheels

    A few years ago. Recently.... Eventually it'll be back on the road. <3 this car. 300hp, quattro, reliable, awesome interior, cops don't notice it, and it can tow my boat
  10. cash68

    Mark Little

    In that case I'd do aftersketches. Nobody will know but you.
  11. cash68

    Mark Little

    The Audi and the Sidewinder thing look sick, btw.
  12. cash68

    Mark Little

    Nice stuff, but it's all CAD. Attractive models, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of complex surfacing. I think you should maybe try to tie in some concept sketching with your digital work, to show your process.
  13. So lately I've been trying to use the fillet setback corner options in Solidworks. I like it a lot, you can get some very attractive corners in almost no time, but what's stumping me is that I'm not sure how you're supposed to select multiple corners. I'm doing the top edge of what is basically a box, and I can do the two opposite corners using the fillet setback method, but the other two corners already have fillets by the time I've selected the edges of the box, and they look like garbage. Basically, is there a way to select multiple vertices using the fillet setback command?
  14. cash68

    Show us your wheels

    The car is cool but the stripes and stickers are terrible. IMHO. Was way cleaner when it was white.
  15. Just googled for this again, and found my own topic. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I like doing linework by hand, scanning it, then rendering it, but currently that is completley IMPOSSIBLE in sketchbook, to my knowledge. Is there a way to get my lineart INTO sketchbook as a transparent image, so I can render color under it? It is driving me nuts!
  17. cash68

    Sketch Challenge August 2011

    Awesome!!! Way cooler than eggs!
  18. No problem man. Just keep working, refining, reworking, etc!
  19. cash68

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    Yeah. It's nice out. I'll do an egg sketch today though. Eggs aren't very exciting, however. We'll see what happens.
  20. I think it's appropriate to show team projects... however, I would only show the work you did for the project. Whenever I was on a team project, I seemed to get stuck doing everything anyway. If it was a well balanced team, however, I would suggest stating it was a team project. I also think you'd have a hard time getting an industrial design internship with your sketching abilities. I do think you'd be an excellent fit for a consultancy that offered full product development, from design to engineering to production. Consultancies are always looking for multi-disciplinary people, and I think an engineer that understood and respected ID would be very valuable.
  21. What is your degree in? For an engineer, I think it's fine. But if you want to do any type of design work, you need to improve both your process, and your sketching. Your sketching is basically chicken scratches, unorganized (you just scanned the paper, no layout whatsoever), etc. Try learning about lineweight, layouts, and contrast. That will help immensely. Also, design is not just "here's a sketch, and here's the prototype". It is a process. You need to start with rough smaller sketches, and move on to more detailed sketches, then go into CAD. Speaking of which, do not just take screenshots of your model @ screen resolution. Render them using photoworks or keyshot. And from now on, FOREVER, TURN ON PERSPECTIVE. Nothing turns me off more from someone's portfolio than looking at a CAD file in isometric. Good luck! The physical prototypes are great, and you should probably try to get better photos of them.
  22. cash68

    Cash68's Portfolio

    I'd like to update this with some newer stuff to more accurately represent my skills today. Some of the slides are the same, and some of them I want to show, but really can't due to NDA's.
  23. cash68

    Cash68's Portfolio

    I'm reposting my portfolio here, looking for comments and advice on how to improve it, and what type of work you think I should add. I am currently a mid-level designer looking to make some major changes, and possibly move to another continent, so I want to be as competitive as possible. Here's some new stuff, which I will continually update. I'd really appreciate your feedback! SHORT PORFTFOLIO LINK: CLICK HERE Sketches: www.coroflot.com/rpodell One thing that I am struggling with is that the majority of my professional work I cannot share on public websites, but I could show in person.

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