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  1. This is so frustrating. My cintiq started to develop squiggly/wiggly/jittery lines, and it makes drawing exceptionally difficult. I've tried backdating the drivers, updating the drivers, to no avail. Has anyone experienced this issue, and what did you do to fix it?
  2. Have a new project regarding a self-serve kiosk. Apart from typical human factors optimizations, do you have any suggested reading/tips/suggestions? Let me know!
  3. Yeah, that's really, really, really labor intensive. I'm using Solidworks btw. I was just wondering if there was some method to take a donut, and somehow convert it into this:
  4. I have a client that wants to take an existing part, convert it into "wires", then thicken each wire, and 3d print the result to get a delicate, "art" version of the part printed right next to the real one. Anybody have any ideas?
  5. I currently work with SW2010, 2011, and 2012 frequently. Currently, I try to open a file first with 2010, then 2011, then 2012, to see the earliest version I can open it with, that way when I send it back to a client I'm sure they're still able to use it. However,.... this is annoying. How does one tell what version it will open with, without trying to open it with different versions?
  6. So I'm in charge of producing two prototypes, that call for a translucent piece of plastic that will be milled and polished out. Thing is, I don't want just a generic smoke or tint, I want something REALLY dark, as it will be milled to about 1mm thick in front of an OLED screen. I'd like either jet black, or really dark blue. I'm having a lot of trouble finding anywhere I can purchase plastic like this, it seems like most plastic suppliers just have the generic "smoked" or "tinted" acrylic sheets, that's it. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. cash68

    Show us your wheels

    A few years ago. Recently.... Eventually it'll be back on the road. <3 this car. 300hp, quattro, reliable, awesome interior, cops don't notice it, and it can tow my boat
  8. cash68

    Mark Little

    In that case I'd do aftersketches. Nobody will know but you.
  9. cash68

    Mark Little

    The Audi and the Sidewinder thing look sick, btw.
  10. cash68

    Mark Little

    Nice stuff, but it's all CAD. Attractive models, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of complex surfacing. I think you should maybe try to tie in some concept sketching with your digital work, to show your process.
  11. cash68

    Show us your wheels

    The car is cool but the stripes and stickers are terrible. IMHO. Was way cleaner when it was white.
  12. Just googled for this again, and found my own topic. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. cash68

    Removal Force

    Designing an electrical product, battery powered. It recharges in a base, but the EE's want a lot of force on the contacts for the best electrical connection. It's to the point where the base, which really doesn't have much to it, lifts when you lift the handpiece. Is there any type of spec I can use here? I think the base should stay on the counter when you remove the handpiece, without holding it down.

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