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  1. Muggs

    Crazy Sw 07 Error

    Kaiza, Being from Sydney (Southern Hemisphere) you should have danced anti-clockwise. But as long as it's fixed... Muggs
  2. I was asking Extruded Boss, but thanks. Muggs
  3. What service pack are you on in 08? Muggs
  4. Wee, As I mentioned in my PM to you, I have been in San Diego at SolidWorks World, but Paul (zxys) has done a good job at solving your problem. If you step trough his model, it will become clear how to proceed. Muggs
  5. Muggs

    Chess Knight Break Down

    Amen! Bobby Fischer is one of those people that come along once in a lifetime. I was lucky enough to watch the '72 championship on my local PBS station as a 15 year old. Muggs
  6. Muggs

    Gear Cutters

    Komoto, Have a look at GearTrax @ http://www.camnetics.com/GearTrax.htm. Muggs
  7. Muggs

    Indy Car Pro/engineer

    Hey Bart, Nice model. But how exactly does this fit under tutorials? Muggs
  8. Muggs

    Car In Solidworks

    smanikot & All, Sorry new location: Model Files: http://www.johnfergusondesign.com/SolidWor...ads/55_ford.zip http://www.johnfergusondesign.com/SolidWor...ntera_GTS_4.zip Video Files: http://www.johnfergusondesign.com/SolidWor...0X600_24FPS.avi http://www.johnfergusondesign.com/SolidWor...MAXX_Stairs.avi Muggs
  9. Muggs

    Loft Sw07

    chooKcha, It's hard to tell from a picture, but... I think the simple answer is make two different lofts. Muggs
  10. Komoto, Do as ausirit has described. In your original part (Wishbone-left), preselect a Plane, and go to Insert>Mirror Part, that will give you a new derived part. Then SaveAs a new name (Wishbone-right), so you wind up with two parts. Now any changes to Wishbone-left will be propagated to Wishbone-right. Muggs
  11. Muggs

    Solidworks 001 Basic Course

    Ragde, Very nice basic 101 type tutorial. One thing I would add is that it's never too early to start people thinking about the manufacturing process of whatever they are designing. To be able to machine the first part you make it will need to have some radii in the inside corners to get a tool into. Muggs
  12. Muggs

    Another Motorcycle Tank

    Hello Smokes, OK, I can't speak for mcgreg, but as for me this is probably NOT how I would REALLY make a motor cycle gas tank. Let me explain. I made this (my) tutorial based on a question that I received about pierce points and how they relate to the way surfaces are created. The problem is this: Surfaces like (need) to have 4 sides, so when you make a surface the way we (I) did is that two of the "sides" are actually points. Not good practice and the reason that I didn't shell my tutorial!!! Now, if I were to actually make this into a gas tank, I would cut off the front and rear ends and redo them using a "Filled Surface", then shell. The reason for the filled surface is that a filled surface will fit a surface to the edges using a 4 sided patch and trim to fit the edges you selected. smokes, try this: cut off the front and rear end of your model and try to shell. odds are that it will work fine. I hope this makes sense. If not just reply and try to expound. Muggs
  13. LOL! That's genius! Muggs
  14. Muggs

    Mating In Solidworks

    Hey bgp3te (where do people come up with these names) Here is what I would do: Make TWO points in the center of the hole on one of the ends of the movable pieces seperated by some # (.060"?). Make the rails from a spline (or use the Fit Spline on the current geometry). Now make a coincident relation between the two points and the spline. Muggs
  15. Muggs

    Car In Solidworks

    Try these. 55_ford.zip (98.5 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/index.php?...95bfd3c44f0de3c Pantera_GTS_4.zip (53.8 MB bytes) => http://www.onlinefilefolder.com/index.php?...00d935518755836 Muggs

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