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  1. Make something. Design it, record the whole process in detail (sketches, notes), how you did it, why you made certain decisions. Get it made or make it yourself. (technology such as 3D printing makes this very easy) Use the (considerable) design skills you have already. Let people see it, maybe even buy it, (the web makes this possible in an afternoon) Then you ARE a designer. If you do this over and over you build a portfolio and you also build an identity as a designer, most companies will want to see that. Not sure I agree about it being too late after ten years doing something else, it's never too late, not in todays fast-moving, ultra-connected environment. Anyone who has studied creativity knows that the collection of disparate experiences is essential to being creative. You don't get inspired sitting in a white-walled room, you need mental stimulii. The experiences and education you have gathered already have given you a larger pool of ideas than most ID design grads anyway, use them. I'm 40 this year, married, two children, been working in engineering since leaving school at 16 (no degree), I earnt my Mech Eng degree afterwards and am only now making the changes to my career that I think will make me satisfied. I don't intend to be an engineer for the rest of my life, I also find the technical and regulatory side of engineering cramps the creative part of my personality. Good luck ! Gav

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