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  1. I'm trying to take a surface that I've made in Alias Design and basically flatten it. Kind of how some of you can flatten sheetmetal is Solidworks. I'm wanting to do this so I can design a label that may wrap around a bottle for example, in whatever Adobe product I choose and be able to place the designed label on the bottle for presentation. The other reason I'm asking is so the label design can compensate for an intricate package design or features. If this would be better done Solidworks or Inventor I'll be open to suggestions. Much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know of any good tutorials to learn how to make a flaked paint in Alias? Or a place where I can go to download the shaders? The way I did it was to make a noise texture in photoshop and use that file as a bump texture. No matter what I do, the texture comes out bumpy. If no one knows where I can get a shader for this, does anyone know how to make dust or sand? The solid textures are always grayed out too, I don't know why. If you haven't guessed, kinda new to the program, but here's what my way resulted in.
  3. I semi feel the same way. Although I'm studying graphic design. It seems like a lot of jobs in my industry as well are asking for people with a BA or BS in GD or "other related fields". Even though there's really nothing special after our Associates, it's just working on portfolio pieces in your spare time. This makes me think that the people asking for these positions have no clue what they're really asking for, they just need someone to "draw the pretty pictures" when they feel like they need something new to stay ahead of their competition. I went to a 4 year university that has the same accreditation as my 2 year college does and looked at their student portfolios. It was the exact same skill level as ours. On some projects, our stuff was better anyways. The 4 year students seems to be trained to just do and not trained to think. The only advantage they had was they obviously had more time to work on projects, but didn't come out with a higher quantity. I'm somewhat at an advantage because I studied engineering prior so I learned some Solidworks, Rhino3d and some small amount of manufacturing processes. So what I've been doing lately is instead of "rebranding" or just simply coming up with lets say a packaging label design, I can come up and model a conceptual bottle and put my design on it. I'm also teaching myself some Alias (which is actually not that hard once you get used to it and stop trying to treat it like a solid modeling program). In short, do what you want, but since the market is asking for 4 year degrees, might as well just go get it. In your spare time, dabble in some other forms of design and try to incorporate your ID skills into it, or maybe learn some Adobe products. InDesign could help you make a physical portfolio and learning how to make a Wordpress site could be your online presence. You could be the greatest designer in the world, but nobody would know about it unless you get yourself out there. Sorry for the rambling.
  4. MichaelB

    Alias Design Bottle Label.

    Did some more looking on what to call it. Some people refer to it as "Developed Surfaces", Unroll Surfaces. Rhino refers to it as "Smash" which I can use since it's free rightnow for OSX. But wanting to know if Alias can do this natively.
  5. MichaelB

    Pontiac And Other Vehicles

    Ohhhhhhhh I see. Start off with big shapes, and work your way down to the details. A really good way to learn this is portrait sketching. This is just my take on it, but it appears you're concentrating on one spot for too long before you get an idea of the overall piece. It's all about value shapes. Meaning, block EVERYTHING in with an overall tone, whether it be black, blue, red etc. Then give it form with different values, gray, crimson, purple. Since you obviously use photoshop, work really sloppy so you don't feel bad if it doesn't turn out the way you want it.
  6. MichaelB

    Pontiac And Other Vehicles

    Hey, hey hey, no one EVER said your sketches suck. There are some designers I study and work with that can't draw for @#$@#$. Those are also the kids that think they can conceptualize quicker in the Adobe Suite rather than pen and paper. They will also NEVER have a job. But here's what I mean by inspiration. I had to design a light fixture for class using serial planes. Everyone did something that resembled what was in our text books. Walking around the store I noticed and I kid you not, window blinds. This is what I came up with. I have some rough sketches but since I have a final piece it's easier to see. But either way, see how something as simple as window fixtures was adopted, taken out of context, wripped a part and molded into something different. That is design. Don't get me wrong, CS, Autodesk, SolidWorks, Sketchbook Pro are all great tools. But learn how to crawl first. The reason why everyone is giving you the same feedback is because we can't see your process and how you think. We need to tweak your basics before a full rendering. Show us some cubes, let us see your perspective work, your pencil roughs. This is how we learn.
  7. MichaelB

    Pontiac And Other Vehicles

    Hey, I'm not sure if you happened to read a comment I left for you only a few weeks ago. But if you didn't then here ya go. I don't see any inspiration or basic understanding of how renderings work. Here's a challenge for you. In your next post, show us that you know a process of creating form. Try drawing something OTHER than a vehicle, like a spray bottle or a pair of sunglasses. Oh, and here's the catch, don't do it on the computer. Do it in pencil, or pen and marker. And like I said in my previous reply to one of your post, in the past few years that you have been throwing up sketches, I haven't seen a whole of improvement. Here's just an example, I'm a graphic designer but I dive into other things to keep my mind working.
  8. MichaelB

    Gmc Grand Sasquatch

    Hey man, I'll have to admit I've been looking at your sketches for the past couple of years, I see a small improvement in your showing of form. But basing off of what I've seen EVERY post is your concepts all look the same. Shape is pretty darn close to each other, line weight doesn't seem to contribute to your sketches. In short, it feels like lines are just being thrown down without thought. But what I'm going to say I haven't seen anyone else tell you (I could be wrong, forgive me but needs to be said), but please please please, for the love of whatever god you pray too, find inspiration. And I'm not just talking about what other designers are doing, but go out in the world and find it. Get into other forms of design like photography, maybe design a logo for fun. Just draw something OTHER than a vehicle and see what you can do. Run drills on line weight. This sounds silly but I sit for hours and draw cubes and practice using markers and ink pens. It helps free my mind. P.S.- I am diggin the iBex concept

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