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  1. Jimmy B

    Please Review My Portfolio

    Hello fellow Designers, I thought it was about time for a portfolio review of some of my work. Plenty criticism is very useful to me as this helps to improve my quality of work and help me to present it. I give links to my Coroflot, Deviantart portfolio website and Profile. Thanks for taking your time to look around Jimmy http://www.coroflot....myb_n/portfolio - coroflot http://jamesbarford.artworkfolio.com/ -art work via Deviantart portfolio builder http://jimmytothebe.deviantart.com/ -Deviantart profile
  2. Jimmy B

    Check Out My Portfolio So Far

    Hello designers, Just take a quick look at my work and tell me what you think, ways of improving? What to include? etc... Any feedback is good http://www.coroflot.com/public/individual_details.asp?individual_id=327914

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