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  1. Just wondering could something like this be made from aluminium for a helmet frame? do you think it would be suitable?
  2. Is anodised aluminium head shell in shaped like ribgcage suitable for helmet? for protection from impact and bumping
  3. Hey Not sure if this has been posted around before. Theres a material called D30 ful for protection. I just would like to know what sorts of manufacturing processes it can be used for? is it like normal plastic thats used for injection moulding? and can it be manufactured in any form and shape you want it to be??
  4. Mark2111

    Advice Please

    Hi, all the attachments are a few renderings i have done for a project (lamp) i am wondering what process it can be made from. Material is aluminium. Can it be die casted? the size of the product is little bigger than a hand.

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