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  1. I'll be in London next week and I'm looking for design-related things to do. I've searched a few of the main 'what's on' sites, but does anybody have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Playdo

    Studio Name Trademarks?

    Several reasons: - When you apply for a Trademark you have to specify the field, ie Design, Construction etc. So you can have multiple names, but in different fields. - AFAIK, Trademarks are not international. - And like you say, they may not have trademarked their name, or they do not wish to do anything about it.
  3. Playdo

    What's Your Perfect Wastebasket

    Ben The Bin: http://www.reestore....0&button=Submit I bought some of these a few years back after watching a designer pitch them on Dragon's Den. It's by far the best bin I've had, for several reasons: - It's an open bin so I don't have to open/close a lid when throwing stuff away. - It's small. - It's easily cleaned. - It uses shopping bags, so they're being recycled. I may use more bags than I'd use with a standard bin liner bin, but I'm sure the material quantity is a lot less. - The bin contains less, so I make regular trips to our local bins. This means that I haven't got lots of rubbish inside or outside my house. I initially thought that having an open bin like this would be unhygienic. I also thought it would be a problem with my dog. There were no problems and it feels a lot more hygienic than having a large closed bin. I'm not sure how well the product is selling, as I've seen them disappearing from stores, but I'd definitely recommend buying one and giving it a try.
  4. Hi Cash. I'm not sure if you got my PM, but if not, and you'd like to outsource it, then get in touch and we can go through it. I animate in programs specifically designed for this. Thanks.
  5. I'd much rather render and animate in Max.
  6. What is the cleanest way to get an Alias Studio model into 3DS Max when: 1. Keeping the model as a Nurbs object? 2. Converting the Nurbs model into polygons for UV mapping (preferably quads)?
  7. Hi Shift, thanks. AFAIK Max 2010 had Connection Extension that allowed CAD data to be cleanly imported using .SAT file, but Alias doesn't export this. Max 2010 doesn't import a WIRE file. I'm not sure if 2011 does. Max doesn't import STEP files natively, it requires a plug-in. I'll try out DXF. It would be really good to hear from people who frequently use Max to bring in Alias models for rendering or animation. Regarding my question #2, I've had problems bringing a Nurbs object into Max and converting to polys for UV unwrapping, as it's resulted in a triangulated mesh, making unwrapping very difficult.
  8. Playdo

    Mobile Workstation

    I bought my desktop several years back, purely for work, but sold as a gaming machine. When I compared specs of workstations from companies such as Dell, there was nothing worth paying the premium over for me. It would have been cheaper to swap things out if needed. I've a quad core overclocked to 3.2, with good ram (expandable to 8GB) and a gaming card, which has been perfect for me running the software mentioned, and will still be used for a good few years to come. By that time laptops will have a lot more power in them so a work-capable laptop will be cheaper - I'll go that route with an extra monitor. Money's not an issue to some but it was for me. Funny that, if ever I'm at a festival and the heavens open, those ponchos triple in price.
  9. a (Make a sentence. One letter each. Leave a blank reply for a space)
  10. Playdo

    Mobile Workstation

    I've had no problem with my GPU. I did a lot of research on it a while back. If you're a company, then most wouldn't mind paying the extra for any support and the reassurance of compatibility. But for a student, hobbyist etc (not sure what the OP is), the need for paying a premium for a CAD card for the software he stated, is unnecessary. Just research forums and user experience to find out which are compatible.
  11. I reckon it also comes from when people used non-photo blue and red as their underlay colours so when scanned, the draught pencil work could be 'knocked out' leaving only the final linework.
  12. Playdo

    Mobile Workstation

    Personally I wouldn't worry about CAD cards. I run Max, SW and PS fine on a GeForce card, so do many others. There are tonnes of threads on using gaming cards for CAD - it's more dependent on the driver. Make sure you've got good RAM or the ability to expand and 64-bit if you have heavy scenes. You pay a high premium for a workstation because the customer would pay more than a gamer would.
  13. Playdo

    Help Finding A Thread

    Last night I was looking at a thread here, or possibly on Core77, which showed an interior render of a car on the first post. It also had a link to a recent Transport Design graduate's portfolio (Coroflot I think) with some impressive Alias work. I've just spent the last hour searching for it but can't find it. Can anyone point me to it? Thanks.
  14. Playdo

    Learning How To Draw

    You need to break it down into smaller sections. - Start off by learning basic two point perspective, drawing fundamental shapes such as boxes, cylinders, spheres etc. I don't know of any books but there are plenty of online resources ie here, www.idsketching.com, or youtube (eg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ8UBN12rDI...eature=related). - You also need to practice your technique, ie how to draw a clean line (plenty of threads around here) and how to draw ellipses using major, minor axis. - You then need to look into line weight and how it is used in product design sketching to emphasis certain edges. - You need to look into how to simplify a shape down and remove unnecessary details whilst providing enough visual information of a product. - Then you need to look into light and shading. Do this using the fundamental shapes in step one. - If you are looking to render in marker then you need to learn marker technique. idsketching.com is a good place for this. - Further on you can go into using colour correctly, product context, composition and drawing the viewer's eye. - Look at artists' work that you like and take inspiration and influence from it. This is a basis and I reckon you should focus on this with basic shapes as, once learnt, you take the same principles and easily apply them to more complex geometry.
  15. Does anyone have any HDR images with only studio lights in the scene?
  16. If it is a problem with flipped normals, you can apply an edit normal modifier in Max and flip/unify them.
  17. I had the same problem. It had nothing to do with inverted normals but ended up being multiple copies brought into the Max scene on top of one another where the triangular parts of the render were parts of an underlying surface. Select and move, see if there's one underneath.
  18. I'd like to get a list of all the rendering solutions available for Solidworks. Please add pros and cons if wanted. - Photoview 360 - Hypershot
  19. Playdo

    Best Marker To Use!

    The same pens I've settled on recently.
  20. Anyone know of a good place to get Chartpak AD markers in the UK? Refuelled.com is the only place I found on the net. I usually like to pick up a couple of markers at a time but £11 blind isn't cheap.
  21. Interesting stuff. I'm in no rush so I'll wait and see what comes of the new tablets this year. There seems to be a load on the horizon so it should be interesting.
  22. I was hoping that the Apple IPad would make a perfect portable digital sketchbook but from what I gather I'm not too sure. It runs the IPhone OS which has Sketchbook Pro Mobile, no Photoshop, and there is no stylus at present. I don't know much about what is on the market so what's the best solution purely for a portable digital sketchbook with Photoshop and Sketchbook pro?
  23. Playdo

    New Design Magazine

    If Smiths doesn't sell it they use to order you a copy of a mag in if you asked. I'm sure they still would.
  24. I've just been looking at the HP Slate and the Microsoft Courier. It'll be interesting to see what comes of them though the Courier looks like it will have a split screen so may be too small for serious sketching.

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