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  1. Hi Shane, Start by looking at the difference between parametric solid modelers and surface modelers. Pro E, Solidworks and Inventor are commonly used software for design/manufacture. Rhino + Alias Studio are surfacers so are good for design. Then there's poly modeling software; 3ds max, maya, modo etc. These can be good for visualisation but lack precision that product design requires. There's a long thread about software somewhere on this forum (or maybe id.sketching.com). For sketching - paper + pen, Photoshop (or Sketchbook Pro), possibly Illustrator. For rendering - depends what modeling software you use but you can export the model out to a different program for rendering if required. Lots of IDers seem to be going to hypershot at the mo due to its speed and simplicity. Though there's VRay, MentalRay, Maxwell ...
  2. Playdo

    Quick Question

    Mmm, similar thought process but intended to be unpleasant to use are those seats at fast joint restaurants. The ones that aren't comfy to sit on in order to get you out the door quicker. Yep, snoozing my alarm clock was a big habit of mine. Couldn't bear the sound of beeping first thing in the morning. My solution - got a radio alarm clock. It's much nicer waking up to music.
  3. Playdo

    What Portfolio Size?

    What portfolio size goes down best with employers? I'd have thought A3 but full page render times seem a bit excessive (apprx 4000 x 2800 pxls). What's standard?
  4. Playdo

    What Portfolio Size?

  5. Playdo

    Website For 2010! Http://tarng.com

    A nice, clean and well laid out site. I was interested searching through it + it looked professional. You obviously took your time with the planning.
  6. With CS4 you'd use the Artboard: - Alter the size of the Artboard for cropping: Go to File - Document Setup - Edit Artboards. Resize either manually or by inputting the values (top panel). Press Esc to exit. - Go to File - Export. Check the Use Artboards box! Hey presto.
  7. Here you go J6: http://books.google.com/books?id=xoXmmQnDu...;q=&f=false
  8. I've been looking at some 'studio style' renderings like the ones shown below. How do I get results like this where the soft shadows have a small spread and the floor is studio lit? I usually end up with a lot of soft shadow on the floor or to keep the floor very well illuminated it blows out the detail on the product. For renderings where there are gradients in the background like in the pics below or Nathan Mills posted here http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.php?showtopic=2946 what's the method? Are the products rendered separately with a separate pass for the floor shadow and floor reflection and then composited on a gradient background in Photoshop? I hope someone can enlighten.
  9. Playdo

    Studio Rendering?

    I use MR too. I'm having trouble with getting the floor so well lit (ie pure white) without blowing out the product. Are you suggesting to put small point lights on the floor? Here's an example of my work so you can see what I mean. The Estee Lauder render and the audi in Nate's portfolio initially looked like they were in a photoshopped environment but maybe it's done by putting a key light in the far background (blowing out the floor) and fill lights in the foreground on the product?
  10. I'm looking to start a project with my partner and need some information about the protection (between us two designers). If we brainstorm and get a concept what action should be taken? What I've heard is that if a design is discussed before signing a non-disclosure agreement then it is not applicable for a patent. So should a NDA be signed before brainstorming?
  11. I just contacted the IPO before reading your post and found out about the multiple names. That's an interesting approach regarding setting up a company.
  12. I'll keep looking into it and I'll post it if/when I find out. If anyone knows the answer please contribute to this.
  13. Good info. So if the designers involved want shared ownership of the IP then they can apply for a shared patent without any other prerequisites?
  14. Thank you for the advice. I'm curious to how this works in a brainstorming scenario where there are no ideas created of yet. What protection, if any, gets put in place between the designers involved?

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