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  1. Hi there I am hoping somebody can help me. I have lost the rocker switch from my Wacom Intuos 2 pen. I've tried quite hard to find a replacement, including contacting Wacom but it seems no-one has stock and Wacom aren't making anymore (unsurprisingly they suggested I buy a new tablet, despite me pointing out the lack of environmental or economic sense that made). Anyway I've decided that I can get a replacement made by SLA rapid prototyping relatively cheaply, it's only small and the CAD should be no problem. I just need a bit of help from somebody who has an Intuos2 pen with side switch. I'd be most grateful for some photos of the switch itself, just so I can check the fixing. I need a photo of the switch off the pen, so I can see the underside properly. I could probably just measure the pen and guess but I'm hoping to get it right first time. Thanks loads for your time and help Ben
  2. benrb

    Wacom Intuos2 - Can You Help?

    I'm told that they are not compatible. Buying a new pen is quite expensive - I think this will be the best route and I also plan to make the 3D file available for others with a similar problem.

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