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  1. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Nireeka, The Smart Ebike

    Hey, miss you guys After moving to United States we decided to design and build an EV. It's almost a year we are working on it and we tried to be unique as always. So here is the outcome. We are trying to keep our price below $1000 USD to make it more affordable for all people. Hard job to do but possible. We revised the design more than 60 times and built 12 prototypes. Please visit our website for more information. Please subscribe to get our catalog and get posted. Cheers Nireeka® is the smartest electric bicycle ever: • Purpose-Built frame with hidden battery • Built-in App (iOS, Android) • Assist mode based on heartbeat • Blind spot radar • GPS navigator • Anti-Theft system (GPS tracking) • Autolight with 3 different lighting styles And because of its monocoque carbon fiber frame, the bike weighs only 35 lbs. Our website: www.nireeka.com The specs: MOTOR 250W, 350W, 500W Bafang rear hub motor Powerful motor hub for uphill performance BATTERY Standard version 36V 10.8 Ah Charge time 6 h (2.5 h fast charger) LG high-quality lithium-ion battery Easily removable from frame with discreet hook Locking mechanism to secure battery FRAME 17", 19", 21'' frame sizes Pre-preg carbon fiber Ultralight 35 lbs (15.8 kg) Unlimited color and vinyl options CUSTOM DESIGNED ECU (UNIT CONTROL) From 0 (no assist) to 5 (full assist) Heart-beat assist mode Cell phone USB charger Configurable for personal settings Displays battery time, speed and distance Water- and dust-proof PERFORMANCE & COMFORT Front suspension with adjustable preload and mechanical lock-out Back suspension for maximum comfort with adjustable preload and mechanical lock-out Safe grip rubber handlebars with added support 10-SPEED SHIMANO GEAR CASSETTE Shimano external gear Single-handed gear operation THROTTLE Twist throttle; the best throttle system on the bikes WHEEL SPECS Tire Size: 27.5 x 1.5'' 36 spoke rear/32 spoke front Mountain/All-terrain tires Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear LIGHTING SYSTEM Front and rear CUBE lights 4 lighting modes Auto-light Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear ANTI-THEFT SYSTEM GPS tracking system Alarm system Keyless unlocking system Battery lock
  2. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Boeing 797 `journeo`. Generation Next Commercial Jet.

    Great job man
  3. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Videogame Development Team Looking For Advisor

    Hey Antonio, Personally I think you do not need an industrial designer for the job. I have worked almost 5 years in game industry and I learned that concept designers are eligible enough to design sci-fi products.
  4. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Ceramic Pipe

    Simply beautiful
  5. Mohammad R Shojaie

    New Products :)

    Design to production. Great!
  6. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Open Source Automotive Project

    Hey guys, It's been awhile I have not been around. Nice to meet you again! I have an idea and like to know your feedback. I am going to design an online platform, something like a forum. It is like an online car factory. We are going to do our next project on this platform. What does it mean? simple! The website has several departments and is absolutely free to register. Every member choose a department to work in. The whole project will divide to subsets and every department is responsible to make it completed. Of course every part has a particular admin and they manage everything related to them. We are going to build a prototype open-source. What do you think? Any question or idea??
  7. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Ostoure The Super-Street Bike - Unveiled At Bigboystoys Uae

    And it was a great pleasure to meet Parker Brothers there! The creator of Tron, Battleship and Batman motorcycles.
  8. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Ostoure The Super-Street Bike - Unveiled At Bigboystoys Uae

    More images:
  9. Hey guys, long time no see! I'm back with a great news Almost 2 years ago I started the topic Ostoure, I think most of you know Ostoure because the topic was the most visited topic at that time. After 2 years, we unveiled Ostoure the super-street bike at Bigboystoys UAE. It was a great show. I like to share some images from the show with you. My partner in this project was Mr Mojtaba Safari, He is a very great designer. And this is our official website: Ostoure.com
  10. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Electric Motorcycle Project

    very impressive, I like to know more about your plan. something like price, your target market and ... IMHO, you really need to improve the appearance. for example rear wheels, axles and of course the battery pack. You can email me if you like: info@mr-shojaie.com
  11. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Lochness Chopper

    The post updated with new images. some minor edits in proportion and coloring.
  12. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Lochness Chopper

    No it's not. You do know me. I like your comments even if I was not agreed! Just a quick comment about the font: You can see such fonts on cars too. For example the font of pagani "HUAYRA" is like a signature which is ok.
  13. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Lochness Chopper

    Thanks for comments, @Muadib3d, as you can see here (http://www.mr-shojai...olio/28-0-f.jpg), the muffler and exhaust pipes have nothing to do with rider's leg and there are also some insulator there. And if you have noticed, this is very common in custom choppers to put muffler there. @Advancedboy, I had a comprehensive quest in American choppers world. Americans use to do somethings that do not make any sense in motorcycle industry. Their first priority is the shape of the bike instead of practical features. They use to paint bike in strange shapes, the ground clearance is very very low, some of them even do not have muffler, there is no filter for air inlet, very huge rear wheel which is not practical and generally everything you think is odd, you can see in choppers! Somehow this things remind me the past decades of USA which were the golden age of car industry. when some outstanding cars were born. for example look at the fourth generation of Cadillac Eldorado and specially the high tailfins with double tail lights in mid-fin. Americans do not use to do that designs anymore because of the current competitive market (which is Asians fault!) but the only designers which do not care about this market (Of course they have their own customers) are chopper designers. God bless them!
  14. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Lochness Chopper

    Iran, Greece, china, India and etc are the mine of old and great myths. They are deep enough to make people believe them and even effect on their real life. Myths do not depend on where they belong to and where they come from but they are fluent and drift on people’s regular life everywhere. There are a lot of fascinating myths also in Scotland. The story of legendary Lochness monster is one of them! Lochness chopper has inherited not only the face of the monster but some moral features. The very long wheel base reminds the serenity and the dark paint reminds cryptic manner and also a hidden fear underneath. Hub-less wheels and how they connected to the suspension system and triple headlights remind sci-fi movies and give the bike a very futuristic look. The rear wheel has divided to two parts and the drivetrain torque transfers to the rear wheel through the middle of the wheel. There is no a classic taillight on the bike but a very special and unique lighting system does the job instead. Taillight is a belt-like LED lights which has been embedded into surface of the rear tire. Lochness has a very powerful engine, V-4, four-stroke and belt transmission through the middle of the wheel. Single brake disk per wheel looks like an angry viper head which complete the feeling of the overall look also a classic tire pattern is a gift for old-fashion chopper fans. Some say there is no such thing as Lochness monster, but this chopper is constant evidence which proves the existence of a monster called Lochness chopper; this time in shape of a chopper. Rest of images: http://www.mr-shojaie.com/
  15. Mohammad R Shojaie

    Pininfarina Dodici

    very nice, I like it.

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