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  1. Kevin De Smet

    Question For Solidcam Users

    Their own website has a good chunk of video guides: http://www.solidcam.com/solidcam-professor.html
  2. Kevin De Smet

    Variable Pitch In Solidworks

    I don't think it would be socially acceptable for solidworm, to not help out with a worm model
  3. Kevin De Smet

    Curvature Tools

    I agree, a parametric model is best when you already have a darn good idea of what you want and you're confident you won't stray from that idea too much as you go into 3d, which heh - you rarely do maybe, I can't say. But then again, one could argue you make your concept models with polygons and then jump into a parametric solid modeler to make the final design and skip nurbs altogether? Not that I have done a workflow like that but it's a possibility.
  4. Kevin De Smet

    3d Software

    Sounds logical, you see Solidworks doing the same thing with their Xpress features: SimulationXpress, SustainabilityXpress, DMFXpress, DriveworksXpress, FloXpress. I don't know what to make of it, in one way it's great because it gives almost every user the opportunity to learn the basics of the advanced tools and perhaps most importantly make it known those tools uberhaupt exist. On the other hand, they usually are quite limited and their true purpose thus can be argued. Might also cause people to make mistakes on inaccurate assumptions made using the Xpress products (for example in SimulationXpress, not taking into account non-linearities)
  5. Kevin De Smet

    3d Software

    Hahah, kind of
  6. Kevin De Smet

    3d Software

    This is altogether true, but some techniques used with polygonal modeling can give you an edge in thinking about modeling solutions to a specific problem. Especially the ubiquitous box modeling approach is great to help develop form and proportion in your models, because of its artistic pushing and pulling of a shape. It's just kind of funny how both crowds have their snooty types, yet so much could be learned from either side of the pond.
  7. Yep Yep. You're right on that, there is no click one edge click another edge and connect in between, anymore.
  8. Smart selection has been replaced with the SelectionManager I believe. While inside of your loft, right click in the graphics-area and select SelectionManager.
  9. Kevin De Smet

    Preparing A Model For Fea In Sw2010

    Use Insert > Features > Combine to add the solid bodies together. Notice that your bodies must have contact with each other and can not have contact at just 1 point or edge because that would result in a zero-thickness region.
  10. Kevin De Smet

    Filleting In Alias Tutorial

    Very nice controlled way of building a fillet. This always leaves me feeling double-sided though, in one way this low level control is great but in another it just feels like the software ought to do some more work to make clean geometry in the first place instead of having to manually take all these extra steps. And this is only a simple fillet ! Can those very dense initial c-o-s be improved some by relaxing certain tolerances in Alias?
  11. Kevin De Smet

    Solidworks Mates

    You can also click on the part you know has a mate that locks it in position, and in the pop-up menu there is a View Mates command. You can see all the mates and there are options to suppress them, ideal for this. If you want you can then save a different configuration with the mates suppressed, in case you need to flip back and forth between restrained and unrestrained often.
  12. Kevin De Smet

    3d Head For Rhino

    There's a good scaned in surface model at 3D Content Central, might want to take a google.
  13. True, but SolidWorks really has put a lot of effort in easing that process. With tools such as the SelectionManager, you can select individual edges and even delimit them on-the-fly in features such as Boundary Surface.
  14. Kevin De Smet

    Technical Surfacing Techniques

    I have the exact some quest !!! Anyone?
  15. Kevin De Smet

    Small Surfacing Challange

    The purist inside me can not stand those vertices with 5 edges coming out of it. The smooth surface becomes stretched at those vertices and loses some continuity. I don't think I mind losing a little continuity to be honest, but it makes it much more difficult to control... I think. What are people's experiences with this in IMA?
  16. Kevin De Smet

    Help With Surface Loft In Sw

    When in your loft feature, right click in the graphics window and you should see "show all connectors" or "show connectors". Connectors are little dots on your profiles connected by a straight line, that's just a visual aid, they behave like a magnet with which you can shape your surface. I am not entirely sure if 2006 has connectors. Let me know! Regards, Kevin
  17. Kevin De Smet

    Sphere Problem - Please Help!

    IGES is notorious for losing trim curve data I think, try STEP AP203. If that does not work, mess with import and export options. Essentially what's happening here is, your sphere in Solidworks has a chunk cut away from it, sure has. But it is defined by a curve that lies on the surface of the sphere in order to make the cut work. That curve on surface is somehow lost or become unaccurate during the export to Rhino.
  18. Kevin De Smet

    Help With Surface Loft In Sw

    I would try doing the loft in one big loft, using the two closed contours, and then use connectors to adjust the flow of your surface at the back. It's a fair bit harder using the old loft than it is using the new boundary surface tool however. Connectors are great for taking away that undesirable twisting going on as you showed. I'd often advocate not doing the whole feature in one go, like you did, but in this case it's worth a shot. Even if it doesn't work and it looks bad, it's just so fast to experiment with. Mind, it may not be perfectly symmetrical because loft or boundary interpolate between profiles, and especially with local control like connectors added in the mix. But it should be stupendously close
  19. Kevin De Smet

    Surface Sweet Problem Sw 2010

    Excellent solution!
  20. Kevin De Smet

    Image Quality From Solidworks?

    You may also wish to check Tools, Options, Document Properties, Image Quality and increase the sliders, this might decrease your performance somewhat in Solidworks but could result in a smoother pdf. I'm not sure if a pdf stores a tesselation or analytic geometry. But it doesn't hurt to try
  21. Kevin De Smet

    Nurbs Vs Polygon/subdivision

    I for one wouldn't mind seeing T-Splines for Solidworks
  22. Kevin De Smet

    Curvature Comb

    I find this slightly disturbing, imagine some poor chap tweaking CVs in Alias to get the back body perfectly G3...right. Now, look at your iPhone after just a few days use: finger smudges all over the darn thing! How can you grasp the beauty of those highlights with all that smudging!! It annoys me...and that's actually slightly disturbing if I still want to call myself "sane" I guess it looks good in the shop shelves, though.
  23. Kevin De Smet

    Proe Vs Solidworks

    I'm not a believer that you can compare software tools, or any tools for that matter, when you say "money is no object". Looking at Solidworks and Pro, they are very similar but also have their differences. The main thing to me is, Solidworks has better fundamentals and surfacing than Pro does except if you are willing to afford Pro's ISDX module, then I would expect Pro has an advantage (I have never used it myself but hear it is good). But, that will cost you extra. I believe ISDX can quickly cost you double the price you pay for Pro itself, so I guess it better be good. Any users out here that has used ISDX? All things added up, my vote is on Solidworks.
  24. Go to Tools -> Options, and try adjusting your image quality where it says you need to look. Just drag the sliders to the left a little so it becomes lighter geometry. Then click "ok" to go out of the options window. Now, do a save all so assemby gets this setting baked in. I think that's what they mean. Because you're right, there is no save function in the tools/options. Try importing again and if it still fails, slide your image quality all the way to the left, just to check if would work at all. If it works then play with the slider a little to get a nice looking tessellation that won't crash Photoview. Not very elegant, I know but whatever it takes, right? Plus, you'll find the effort worth it because photoview can do some nice renders very easy!
  25. Kevin De Smet

    Need Urgent 3ds Max Help

    Because they're awful at rendering? Well...it depends. You get some great preset scenes and materials, you don't have to worry about unwrapping or setting up lights. It can deliver great results. But it it doesn't then you do not have many options to tweak, not even simple things like the brightness of the lighting. There are supposed to be more controls (but while still keeping it intuitive) in Solidworks 2011 later this fall. Here is an example of a render I made which was easy to setup, took about an hour to render, and with practically no post in PS: http://www.kevindesmet.com/extrusion_mould.jpg

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