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  1. I understand consumer products are mass produced products. Profit in numbers. More often than not, the products are pretty good and of a fair level of quality. What I don't get is how they can sell for so little and still make a profit in the end? The price you pay in the store sometimes seems to hardly even cover the gas it took for shipping and handling! Of course I'm not complaining but I am intrigued to know how they manage to do it.
  2. I'd thought if you tried opening the file in Notepad or Wordpad, you'd be able to search for something like "2010" and "2011" and so on. But this does not appear to work. The file is barely even text readable, that's really not cool!
  3. Kevin De Smet

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    Yeah. real men use DELCAM SHOEMAKER (so funny there's dedicated shoe cad!)
  4. Kevin De Smet

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    No no, New Balance is a company and yes I believe only the soles designs. They do a lot of running shoes with complex soles so, it makes sense to be honest they'd use SolidWorks for their hard surfaces aka. the sole.
  5. Kevin De Smet

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    Well, New Balance uses SolidWorks to model their soles. But not the uppers I think. *rant warning* eitherway shoe designs sucks! So whatever they're using they better STOP IT! or got off this insane fashion lifecycle where they got just 3 months to design a friggin' shoe. No wonder it sucks. *end rant*
  6. Kevin De Smet

    Solidworks Draft Edge With Fillets

    SolidWorks doesn't handle draft well on fillets, I would put the draft on there before the fillets, and add the fillets afterwards. If you have no history tree you can use Features > Face > Delete Face (Delete and Patch) and select all the fillet faces to heal the geometry back to its theoretical sharp edges. Then draft and re-apply the fillets.
  7. Kevin De Smet

    Software For Automobile Modelling

    Hehehe. Seat engineer. Classic! "What are you?" "I'm a seat engineer" ...well, I'd still take it tho'
  8. Kevin De Smet

    Software For Automobile Modelling

    There are really two primary programs aimed at car body modeling, that's Alias Studio and ICEM Surf. Both were often specifically tweaked and enhanced for their automotive clients. Nevertheless they are approaching 15 years or more since their inception and it's not necessarily easy to work with them. They both use a nurbs/bezier patch modeling methodology. This means fighting with continuity a lot but, you can get some very nice models if you grow experience.
  9. Kevin De Smet

    Solidworks Boundary Blend

    Hard to visualize, post some pictures or a parasolid model.
  10. Kevin De Smet

    Beauty In Design

    I'm not a believer in this, when something is beautiful it's beautiful, when something isn't – it isn't. What might happen though is different people will look at things for different reasons, some will pay attention to the colors others the shape yet others its function. This simply weeds out designs that can't hack it on all of these front and so is not 'beautiful'. I'm also not a big fan of minimalism, others may find it attractive, but I find it boring.
  11. Kevin De Smet

    Design Simplicity

    I'm not a huge fan of simple, because I think it's boring. Really that's about it. But there are always exceptions, as Koman touched upon and I agree more extravagant designs are less ergonomically widespread. I can't stand all those funky shaped big mice that are supposed to "follow your hand" and whatever they try to claim. Might work for some people though, but not for me.
  12. Kevin De Smet


    C2~0 A coin phrased from Gray Holland's Periodic Table of Form, and this form fascinates me. I have started a page on Facebook for anybody to like or add photos of your own projects or examples of products you have seen with this design style that you really liked. Equally fine of course to just post them in this thread. I'd love to see them! http://www.facebook.com/pages/C20/147571635310414
  13. Kevin De Smet

    How Can Consumer Products Be So Inexpensive?

    Many thanks for the explanation. And that's where my thread went, I was looking over here but didn't see it so I thought it got nuked by the account meltdown so decided to post again
  14. Kevin De Smet

    How Can Consumer Products Be So Inexpensive?

    What about all of the upfront engineering and thinking to design a functional product? How can that ever get earned back without making not just "a" profit but a good profit. When does a company go break-even on a product? Is it expected to take years to reach that? Risky business.
  15. Kevin De Smet

    Modeling Mannequin Form

    I don't suppose you have access to one, but this object is ideal for scanning and then using that as a guide for modeling. Solidworks Premium can handle scan data reasonably well if you don't have very large point-cloud data sets. For a single object like this it should be excellent.
  16. Sounds very enticing, and equally unorthodox... that's why I love the sound of this! It's the right tool at the right stage, of your 3d modeling education
  17. Kevin De Smet

    Ty Nant Bottle Design

    I'm thinking more like one big cylindrical surface, with plenty of control points and then a lot of pushing and pulling those control vertices. Solidworks may just be doable as well, create a cylinder and extrude it, then use the Freeform feature and add lots of curves and points on those curves, then push and pull.
  18. What does Pro/E do with high degree surfaces? I think Solidworks will degrade everything to degree 3, but I don't know if this changes the actual surface at all. Certainly room for concern, considering you think you're using Alias for top quality surfaces only to have them dumbed down when you get it to your engineering package.
  19. Kevin De Smet

    Alias Cvs Graphic Size

    Object Display > Draw Style It doesn't have specific control of a size, but there is a larger fatter X that you can choose to use. Also in Alias 2011 they changed the behaviour (if I'm not mistaken) about the size of the icons when zooming in and out.
  20. Kevin De Smet

    Surface Design

    This is a great book on the topic of surfacing: http://www.amazon.com/SolidWorks-Surfacing...1110&sr=8-1 I do not know where you could get it in your country though.
  21. I love the orange trims, they didn't make it to the prototype?
  22. Make sure that the corners you wish to set-back have three edges being filleted that are going into that corner, it needs at least 3 edges for the setback to work.
  23. Kevin De Smet

    Cars' Modeling

    Just be aware that everyone wants to model out cars, you'll need to put extraordinary effort and work into this and that's ok.. if you know you're willing to go to that level and car modeling is a true passion of yours.
  24. Kevin De Smet

    Solidworks Lame Interface

    An ATI FireGL card should work too, as long as it's a 'workstation-class' card. Which I think is whacky because all the fancy effects are essentially shaders right, and gaming cards are the masters of shaders and effects. And it's not possible to say the workstation cards render them more realistically because that's just not possible in real time anyway.
  25. Kevin De Smet

    3d Softwares Accuracy?

    It's also important, when talking about tolerances, that you don't crank it down to like 0.000001mm This will cause the model to become bloated and hard to work with.

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