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  1. garyjpaterson

    It's Been A While...

    Just got done with a new one, seriously pround of this one, its not perfect but its as close as i can get! http://fav.me/d55t2j3
  2. garyjpaterson

    It's Been A While...

    Just realised that i don't think anyone can view the facebook album i posted?! Not really sure but here is an album of loads of stuff http://imgur.com/a/LvjvY
  3. garyjpaterson

    It's Been A While...

    Hi guys, i haven't been on these forums for about a year now, so thought it would be good to show my progress I'm now 18 and just finished school, and will be studying automotive/transport design after summer (if i meet my conditions, but i'm confident). Here is a selection of sketches that i used in my portfolio for interviews months back, and i'm happy to hear any criticism. Enjoy https://www.facebook...84742466&type=3
  4. garyjpaterson

    New Sketch, Opinions?

    Thanks! yeah that piece is for my art at school. This is the rear:
  5. garyjpaterson

    New Sketch, Opinions?

    ...Bearing in mind im still at secondary school and just 17 (driving = ) heres my newest design, im thinking about using it for my art design folio? What does everyone think? other sketches
  6. garyjpaterson

    Car Design Feedback

    Thanks Dave! I think my prooportions and line work should hopefully improve with time. Iv added a new sketch just right now that i rendered and i hav to say im pretty pleased with the results Anyway check it out if you want its here: land rover also if your wondering why a lot of the sketches are landrover and suvs its because in art at school thats my design part of course for this year
  7. garyjpaterson

    Car Design Feedback

    Thanks guys! Just wondering if there's anything i specifically need to be improving on?
  8. garyjpaterson

    Car Design Feedback

    Thanks! Yeah i know theres a fair bit that needs work but hey i love doing it so itl improve with time
  9. garyjpaterson

    Car Design Feedback

    Hey guys im 16 and hope to be a car designer. Iv been looking around a few different forums looking at others work and i really am impressed with what i see, and i hope to be getting as good as some of you. Im really just looking to see what people think of my designs, i know theyre not perfect but i am improving. I don't really have much of a proper portfolio but iv made a really basic website just so people can have a look through at my designs. I love working with biro's and some pencil, but i have to say most of these are just done on a wacom tablet on sketchbook pro (its free it your a student ) but now im starting off my sketches on paper because i feel i can get proportions done a lot better. Anyway id really appreciate a bit of feedback, and id love to hear some constructive criticism because i love car designing and getting help to improve is great! Here's the link to my website, be sure to check the 'Car Design' section, newer ones are nearer the top btw My Site

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