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  1. Abhisaar

    Audi E Tron

    Shape is okay...make it more good design of the shape...but audi look good...great rendering! good luck!
  2. Abhisaar

    Adidas Versus

    its good design...try to make it light color...and make bottle to transparent material...it will look good...and show dimension of this perfume...thank!
  3. Abhisaar

    Multi Use Chair - Please Leave Feedback!

    hope when a person sit on it and it wont slip...i hope this chair is comfortable to sit without slipping..good design and material...good luck!
  4. Abhisaar

    Arc Table

    Beautiful design
  5. Abhisaar

    Ferrari Toccare 4G Mouse

    Wow..awesome design...hope the button wont have any problems...button should be perfect fine and you should put Italy flag sticker on it! Good luck!
  6. Abhisaar

    Power Lines Lamps Design

    Good design! good luck!
  7. Abhisaar

    Surfboard Design

    no need to put lot of sticker or graffiti or whatever its...it look stupid...do some futurist surtboard like neon light grow and something like that...but ur surfboard design look good...good luck!
  8. Abhisaar

    Clock Project

    Too simple design...make it more attractive design...20pound is cool...good luck!
  9. Need your help for my light design in north pole :(


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