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  1. zxys

    Modify Gforce Laptop To Quadro For 3D Cad

    yeah, if you can downgrade, you may be able to get it to work but... looks like nVidia did not like this and worked more to lock out the mod options.. .. it was http://www.guru3d.com/ .. but, may be this can be of some help?? http://somemorebytes.com/wp/index.php/software/nvpmmanager/ ..
  2. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    first,... new balance.. imho.. not the most complex shapes in shoe design and,.. if I recall.. they used Rhino for the complex stuff.... and,.. just because they choose to use Solidworks for the soles does not make it a shoe or sole design tool... honesty,.. there are a lot of past designs created with tools which were not good choices.. they were choices which fit for that time and place. .. sometimes we can choose our pain.
  3. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    I still do not see the link to the shoe?... although, I do "not" believe SolidWorks is the right choice for modeling shoes,.. I'm sure it's possible with a lot of effort!? I'd ask Matt and SolidWorks Corp about what is going on with that model but from what I can see, the loft fails and the main profile is lost and you only see the one composite sketch in the feature list. There is a work around fix for this though,.. first, note what the constraints are set at, two choose two new curves.. let it fail.,.. three, reselect the old curves and set the old constraints and it should update.. although, I can see other failures as well... Sadly, this is the weekness of SolidWorks, ... the company making this software fixes and breaks stuff all the time. i.e.,.. "SolidDoesNotWorks"
  4. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    ..hmm, did you post a image? btw,.. doing a "body-in-white" search.. stuff comes up.. but, not sure how good they are?? http://www.maruf.ca/files/catiahelp/sdgug_C2/ http://www.catiatutorial.com/catiav6/catia6automotivebodyinwhitedesignconfiguration.asp http://catiatutor.com/Basic/CATIA-Handbook/class-a-surfacing.html http://catia.cad2design.com/videos/75981/CATIA+Body+in+White+Modeling
  5. Hello all, I've been wanting to post a FYI link to those out there who maybe thinking about 3D printing, such as Polyjet? I honestly do not know this company personally, I just know them because I send quotes out for prototypes but have not used them (yet).. Although, I think they are a wonderful inspiration and resource for all you 3D modelers/sculptures who want to bring your virtual ideas into real form. Check it out.. ,... www.moddler.com Pretty kewl stuff,... no!? 8^)
  6. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    thanks Mr. Black.... I have not really used Catia V5.. I only played with it.. had one chance to really use it but regretfully decided to step back from the gig. only wish I had more clients which had it. And you?.. are you a Catia V5 user?
  7. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    glad it helped you Matthodge...
  8. zxys

    Difficult To Model In Solidworks

    ..here's a go at it... not exactly the image but maybe something which will help spark some direction in you modeling layout.. thinggg-zxys.zip
  9. zxys

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    ..(standing in corner)... OK! 8^)
  10. zxys

    Sketch Challenge July 2011

    ..less cad like..sorry, could not help it.. ok, I could but had to do it.. (toned it down) 8^) ...nice sketch! - chja0011
  11. zxys

    Help Please! (Solidworks Loft)

    here's a thread which hits on what it does.. http://www.productdesignforums.com/topic/7642-heal-edges-solidworks/
  12. zxys

    Chevy Camaro 2010

    very nice work!... maybe post orthographic views (front/side/top) and a iso view with perspective turned on (or use a camera) as well? ..
  13. zxys

    Help Please! (Solidworks Loft)

    ..if you roll back before the Heal Edge, you will see that the edge used for the corner loft is segmented. (I chose the delete face feature (body) for the Heal Edge feature.)
  14. zxys

    Help Please! (Solidworks Loft)

    as Pawel has suggested.. I did the same.. here is my example.. blend_matthodge_zxys.zip
  15. ...not sure if this is close or not but,....this is what I came up with.. STAGE-FINAL-zxys.zip
  16. very nice work, Matthew! .. :thumbsup:
  17. zxys

    Car Renderings

    me likey.... kindofa...stout sedan!
  18. If you referring to solid/surf or nurbs modelers, there were a few and some still active,.. such as PTC (Pro/e up to WF3) and UG NX is still on board,.. .. although Wine is a alternative for Windows,.. I'd suggest using VirtualBox or another virtual machine software... otherwise.. OSX (unix) has some good modelers or again, use a virtual machine to run. for linux, I'd try these,... http://www.graphiteone-cad.com/page_download.php http://ayam.sourceforge.net/ http://www.varicad.com/en/home/products/download/ there were a couple others though,.. can't locate,.. someone may know? http://www.linux.org/apps/all/Graphics/CAD/CAM.html http://www.tech-edv.co.at/lunix/CADlinks.html http://irc.esben-stien.name/mediawiki/index.php/NURBS ..
  19. here's a recent review too muddy the water.. http://www.deskeng.com/virtual_desktop/?p=2135
  20. no prob.. (btw, i updated them, moved the tip to the origin.)
  21. and, here's the IGES.. (I split the knife in half to reduce the size) Diving_Knife_IGES.zip
  22. here's a STEP (the IGES is a little too big..) Diving_Knife_Step214.zip
  23. zxys

    Chevrolet Bearclaw

    personally, the scale is out and the tail end makes my eyes water.. (i scaled and trimmed the end) :blush:
  24. kewl! looking forward to the renders!
  25. kewl!! BUT,.. I honestly can not help but think of the "Sock monkey" and/or "Oh no,.. Mr. Bill" when I look at it! 8^)

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