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  1. It would help to see your data or understanding more what your expectations are with the blend? I'll attached what I think you're trying to do... just to get something started in understanding.. .. blendcorner_zxys.zip
  2. zxys

    Parting Surface & Multi-cav

    With the options you chose, the 4 separate corner surfaces are correct... the draft and radius or tangency at the parting line transitions upward, it's not planar or flat. Does it effect the cnc? well,.. it would be nice and simple if the parting line or surface were planar so it shuts-off flush but it can be created. It depends on your needs/wants for the design? Does it have too be planar, what is the tolerance or what is the max flash at the parting line? Is the .002" deviation acceptable? What you don't have checked is the "Split Faces" option. So, to fix this... choose that option, you should (for this example) get a planar split or a planar parting surface (you'll have to redo your split line to have it resolve) If you manually do a Split-Line Silhouette,.. you can see this,.. for instance, your draft pull is"Front Plane",.. you should get the same as above using the split-face option. The auto parting line option is ok for basic stuff but personally, I do it manually to insure it is what I want and there are no assumptions. .. (file attached)... Tile_zxys.zip
  3. zxys

    Surfacing Questions (solidworks)

    You asked the lily question back in Feb 2008,.. did you forget to look back at your own post? http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=8218&hl= ..
  4. It's correct,.. you should be able to view it with quicktime or itunes.. http://www.fileinfo.net/extension/m4v BTW... ZXYS, is that video file extension correct? Should it be .mov or mp4?
  5. Here's something I posted a while back for doing a wrapped wire (how it's made) spring and a animation.. http://www.zxys.com/misc/spring-comp-ani_zxys.zip (sw2006 files) http://www.zxys.com/misc/spring-comp-ani_zxys.m4v (simple video) ..
  6. There are ways but basically it's a matter of converting the 3DS to a STL or VRML to view the data graphically within SW. Or, in the options, if the import is water-tight, SW will try to knit the faces into a solid (depending on the complexity, this can be very memory intensive) Otherwise, if you are trying edit or get parts of the tessellated data into SW as a solid or surface,.. you can use Rhino3D to sort out and convert the meshes directly into nurbs faces (MeshToNurb).... WARNING,... again,.. these files can become very large! Or, using a plugin like T-Splines,.. depending on the data,.. you can get a nurbs patch or closed body? The other option is ShapeWorks... http://www.baren-boym.com/index.php?page=p...io&item=90# Anyhow, this is not straight forward,.. time is needed to make the conversion so, the paid options are not that bad depending on what you need/want.... ..
  7. zxys

    Vray Real Time Render

    It's definitely getting sweeter... Kind of reminds me of other tools which have had similar real-time preview renders... FPrime (Worley) http://www.worley.com/E/Products/fprime/videos.html and Modo has a good one http://www.luxology.com/whatismodo/render.aspx also, looks like FeverSoft (FryRender) will have something kewl as well.. soon? http://www.randomcontrol.com/ ..
  8. zxys

    Show us your workspace

    Ok,.. my slave center... 8^)
  9. Have you tried,.. Surface/Surface Edit Tools/Untrim?
  10. Very nice work!! :specool:
  11. Here's a way to do it with the vertex end of a sketch line mating to the faces on the screw.. and... http://www.zxys.com/misc/vise_simulation.gif (updated... prt/asm files with animation) vise_simulation.zip
  12. No problem. btw, it's there, just download the previous model again,... .. (render hooks for fun..)
  13. Ok, here are some examples,.. just some slight changes (a, b and c) to your mid sketch to get it more normal to the top/btm profiles.. a- mid sketch change b- mid sketch using a projected curve c- projected curve more normal to ends .. btw, did you like my added hooks in the previous attachment? fish_head_question_zxys.zip
  14. Well, I can't really tell from this either but here's another example of simplifying this which may help? .. fish_head_tip_zxys_b.zip
  15. zxys

    Surface Curvature Problem Sw08

    more is needed to make it better (don't have time) but here is a quick workaround which shows ok zebra analysis. .. (BTW, I just reopened the rolled back model I posted and the zebra mismatch on the middle seem is now now different!?!?... wow (typical SW inconsistency)... it did not look that way when I rolled back to send it!) oh well.. Curvature_zxys.zip
  16. The image is not giving me enuf clues so, without seeing the data, here's something which may help... fish_head_tip_zxys.zip
  17. zxys

    Wrap Scribe Problem Is Solidworks

    Well, maybe KC can elaborate with a *sldprt file showing this but I think he just project a sketch (or split face) onto a surface and he's probably correct, the sketch you show is not closed or it's overlaping somewhere?,.... So, as Patrick said and I also agree,.. I don't believe you can do a wrap of the sketch in 2008 (it's limited to cylinders (a developable surface)), that's why I showed you a double wrap (or double flex if you will) workaround to do it. .. (file attached.. and you don't need SW2008,.. this was done in SW2006) double_wrap_sketch_zxys.zip
  18. zxys

    Wrap Scribe Problem Is Solidworks

    Here's a double wrap workaround for putting a sketch onto a revolved surface (in this case it's a sphere)... http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...amp;#entry47629 ..
  19. don't know but I found a basic drawing on the web an scaled it... it looks to be about 50-55mm? .. 5_gallon_bottle_sw2006.zip
  20. Solid means.. with volume (enclosed, water tight).. it does not support surfaces (without volume, open) or wireframe (lines/splines/arcs..). It supports assemblies and multibody parts. BTW. before I forget, the other obvious format to try and use is VRML (*.wrl). ..
  21. Here's a free DXF export add-in... (to install,... open .... Dxf3DExport.dll) Part must be a solid.. and remember to increase your image quality for parts with shape. http://pagesperso-orange.fr/atemi/download...ort_english.htm and, here is a paid 3DS, OBJ or DXF exporter... http://www.sycode.com/products/index.htm ..
  22. zxys

    Datsun 240z Concept

    Like everyone else,.. I too like what you're doing with this,.. you've definitely captured the past and added some of the present style/appeal... very nice work!
  23. Try to extend the surface edge near the base of the bottle.. ..
  24. ..I just signed up for beta and was curious if anybody is using these tools or in beta which maybe willing to comment? http://a.viary.com/ http://a.viary.com/faq http://a.viary.com/about http://a.viary.com/blog http://a.viary.com/tools http://a.viary.com/login btw.. this is both a 2D and 3D set of tools but I put it here in the 2D forum because it seems to lean more towards 2D. ..

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