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  1. madmike, The fill surface feature will default with "optimize surface" on.. and generally solve a 4 sided boundary w or w/o constraint curves,.. like guide curves).. just like a surface loft. Sometimes it does not always solve identical as a loft. So yes,.. a loft for this 4 sided boundary will work for surface loft as well. 4 side boundaries are what nurbs surfaces like and your results will be consistent using 4 sides. BTW,.. optimize surface off, depending on the boundary,... will try to use a different algorithm (i believe it's Catia's, n-sided patch?) What is important is what works well and the desired result and trying different ways insures you have what you want. .. 8^)
  2. You're correct.. it's not clean and what eezydo shows is spot on! Lesson,... analytical and algebraic geometry don't mix well. ..
  3. here's an example which may help... blend_box_sw2006_zxys.zip
  4. There are people that use it with bootcamp and a virtual environment. Go for it! Here is a blog on it... http://www.solidsmack.com/mac-addict-alert...mac/2008-05-21/ Basically,.. SolidWorks is going to work better with bootcamp,.. that is, you get the full 3D graphics support. But if you prefer or need to be operating in OS X,.. there are some really good virtual software machines out there... My personal favorite is VirtualBox (now owned by Sun) The others are good as well.. http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VBox_vs_Others http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/virtualbox-ru...r-free-sort-of/ I've used SolidWorks with VirtualBox on top of PCLinuxOS,... it runs very good (not great) so,.. when 3D support gets better there.. SW or other 3D apps should be at a near native performance level. ..
  5. zxys

    Ball Pen 3d, Plz

    Marko M. Markovic did some a while ago... by the way,.. let him know if you will be using them. http://www.zxys.com/swparts/pen-cil.jpg http://www.zxys.com/swparts/ (Contributions) He has created a lot of other models as well.. http://www.3dcontentcentral.fr/Contributors.aspx?id=241653 (page 4) And,.. if you can... share what you did on your project? ..
  6. zxys

    Alias Vs Rhino

    Yes, the myth that it is not capable,.. that it is somehow limited or inferior. More than capable means... Rhino is NOT less capable because it cost less or because it's less precise or it is somehow genetically inferior (had to throw that in),.. Rhino is more than capable of doing what is needed for most design work,.. ID or Mechanical support. It was not a comparison or statement saying Rhino is more capable than Alias. Can Rhino do most of what Alias can do,... YES! Can Rhino do most of what other Surface and Solid Modelers can do... YES! I personally don't use Rhino as my main design tool but,.. I still see Rhino as my de facto swiss army knife. And bar none the most helpful community around. For small companies and large,.. or in the unique industry segments,.. Rhino has been a great resource over most other CAD tools. ..
  7. zxys

    Alias Vs Rhino

    Exactly, Rhino is MORE than capable! It seems the myth engine is still running amuck thru the twisted rumor treadmill of past engineering/ID circles!?!? ..
  8. zxys

    Any Suggestions?

    Although I think I may understand what the possible problem is.. but.. maybe it's just me,.. if you are talking 3D data and doing something with contour and shape,.. and you present 2D data which is dark in color or difficult to see (to understand contrast/shape),... with a description that kind of hits on the issue... How do you expect anyone to help you with your 3D problem? I mean... shouldn't you supply us with 3D data to review? Just a suggestion. .. 8^)
  9. Yes, you would need to use surface fill to cap the ends and then knit all the surfaces together.. knit should give you a option to create a solid... if knit does not give you that option.. it may still have a hole somewhere... otherwise use the thicken option and it may give you a option to create a solid. Attached is another way to do this as well... but I'm sure you've figured out that the adjacent profiles which you had near the center triangle need to be adjusted to help with the blend. This other option attached shows a more direct patch bridging the three ends and then using either surface lofts or fills to close the sides. .. 8^) middle_joint_collar_zxys.zip
  10. here are two ways.. the blends are ok but may help you with some direction? zxys_0_1.zip
  11. zxys

    Solidworks Question

    Here's a write-up... http://esoxrepublic.com/blog/category/geometry/
  12. zxys

    Solidworks Question

    Hey Bart, Example of rho used in a equation..? http://www.cadquest.com/articles/art3.htm And you're talking about rho values for a manually sketched curve (conic blend) as well? Yeah,.. sadly... we can't do rho values... and it is important for industrial design and aerospace! Again,.. I heard/read (rumors) something about new curve functions.. maybe rho was another possible addition?? Here's a example I offered years ago to show and work around this.. using a ellipse as a reference. http://www.zxys.com/swparts/rho-00.zip ..
  13. darn,.. looks like eezydo beat me and his looks good!? Here's another way of doing something like it?.. 8^) figure_8_zxys.zip
  14. zxys

    Solidworks Question

    Hello Bart, I've seen you ask this question in the past... on other ng's? Anyway,.. I have to chuckle because, although I think I'm a pretty good Pro/e user and I've used Pro/e since R12 (classes on R9) and mainly create master surface (shared geom) for injection molded parts (thousands of models over the years),.. I have rarely used trajpar.. and used equations only a few times. (I usually find a way to drive something using construction geometry) And like wise,.. in SW,.. I rarely have used equations,... So, can you use equations to vary a sketch profile on a sweep in SW... I think you could using VBA? But,.. can you do this using SW sweep feature or does it integrate a graph from which to drive the profile or path? No. (btw, I don't believe SW can internally create a sine wave or curve equation,.. you have to do this externally (via excel) or using some add-on like MathLab?) Can you create a separate or indirect sketch to drive a profile/path. Yes. BTW, there was a rumor that SW2009 may have this functionality? For those who do not know what trajpar is... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trajpar http://www.proengineertips.com/parametric-...rajpar-equ.html http://www.proengineertips.com/part-design...h-in-pro-e.html ..
  15. ah man, the zbrush work is wicked! :shocking:
  16. zxys

    Tool Design Enquiry

    Here, this is what I came up with... and yes, you need to add some draft. .. 8^) holder_zxys.zip
  17. zxys

    Solidworks Rope

    Moooocho better! 8^) Oh, and to answer Chris' questions... it's not suggested to do it that way... it's very processor intensive and the odds are the twist/flex will give you errors. Personally, the features for deformation are limted and still in beta. (we're all hamsters) ..
  18. zxys

    Solidworks Rope

    Nice, Under-Dog... BTW,.. for the Orientation/twist type:.. I'd suggestion using the "Twist Along Path" option for this. .. 8^)
  19. zxys

    Sw08 Bad Lofts?

    Well,.. you are right in that past lofts using SW fail/resolve differently and that this should resolve and,... if you play around with the selections,... it will resolve. I hear you that the preview image gives you hope,.. what a tease! It's a consistency issue,.. per/release and per/service package with SW. They either use different algorithms or change something in the selection or tolerancing? I've used it since 1999 and I have recognized some of the behaviors but it still baffles me why/how.. As KQD has said,... those corners may give you problems later.. But,.. this typically should resolve. There are a few things to do.. check to see that the ends on your sketches are coincident. If they are and it still fails.. then,,, going back to what KQD said.. the loft is most likely folding onto itself at the corners (it's degrading)... that is not good. (zoom up on the corners while preview is on to see if this is happening?) What is better practice though is to NOT have the start/end sketches be coincident,.. just move them a little away (or a lot depending on the problem) and keep the GC coincident. Otherwiise,.. as you noticed...a trick is to select your start/end without the GC... and select it,.. then unselect.. and select it back again... sometimes it resolves!?!? Mind screw, isn't it!? BTW, if you do prefer to do lofts this way, just remember,.. there is a chance it may bite you back later.. or depending on how that surface is used or interacts later, consider trimming away the corners to omit or reduce issues. .. some examples attached... 8^) loft_xx.zip
  20. "The lack of curiosity astounds me." It's not that,... it's inevitable... It's not hard to imagine... there is a huge market for supplying individualist with synthesis tools. I believe synthesis tools and linked manufacturing network supply chains will be very common for everybody to design/create what they want.. when they want... it will be mainstream some day. When?.. Years,... nah,.... Decades... maybe? .. (3DReaperDX works pretty good!) 8^)
  21. zxys

    Crazy Sw 07 Error

    It's definitely odd,.. what graphics card and driver are you using? Have you tried installing a different graphics driver? ..
  22. zxys

    Some Renderings

    I agree with all,.. very nice work. You've made Maxwell really shine here! .. 8^)
  23. zxys

    Solidworks Help Needed

    Here is a example of using a arc (your corner dims) and lines then doing a "fit spline",.. which helps smooth it out.. The blends shown are loft and fill surface... Hmm,... although my blend looks ok... it does not render very nice.. the transition at the corner distorts.. it's obvious in the reflection,.. quite unflattering. .. ;^( Corner_Blend_zxys.zip
  24. zxys


    For SW/PW,.. not bad! Some of them are a bit dark for the scene. Although some of the alpha edge blending did not go so well on some composite shots? Nice work!
  25. zxys

    Parting Surface & Multi-cav

    You're welcome.. but, I'm getting confused with your questions,.. sorry.. With No Draft, the base edge along the base fillet tangency should be planar so, you should be able to split the part? But yeah, you can not create the draft with this unless you do a parting line draft at the base and you reorder the top fillet after the draft. Can, they fix this... if the cam guy is good at manipulating data, and you both agree this is not what you want... sure, they can do whatever you want The auto mode? Well, there is a option in the "Parting Line 1" feature.. it is the "Split Faces" option which does the same as a manual split line silhouette. Well, the new split line is correct so don't pick randomly. It looks right? ..

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