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  1. not bad.. good work! 8^) ..
  2. It's probably a problem with the brep translation? Don't use STEP. (why are you using STEP?) ALWAYS use the native Parasolid. (*.x_t) (brep is native, no translation needed) ..
  3. zxys

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    ok,.. one more to try and cleanup the last -8 corner,.. rect_cap_zxys_9.zip
  4. zxys

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    and,.. if it helps,.. here is another technique... rect_cap_zxys_8.zip
  5. zxys

    Solidworks - Iphone 3g Back

    There are so many ways to do this,... here are 7 iterations.. (using 2006) I don't have 2009 either so Mark's soap bar (he may have it in a 2008 version?) is adding another way... using the new loft feature (Boundary-Surface, introduced in 2007,.. improved in 2008 and last I saw,.. much better in 2009) which gives you additional control on the boundary influence/conditions. So,.. try out "Boundary-Surface"... just replace/swap out the older loft features too see what/how/where... it's offers more control to give you the look and clean up the surface more so.. rect_cap_zxys.zip
  6. zxys

    Good Yule - 2008

    welcome,... have a kewl new year all! .. 8^)
  7. Have a good one everyone! (remodel of Mings Deer... http://www.its-ming.com/free.html ) .. 8^) good_yule_2008_zxys.zip
  8. he's assuming it will be manufactured as a molded part and for this to be manufactured you would need to add draft along the parting line.... (see images)
  9. zxys


    ... they are 3DSketch lines which attach to the vertex or corners of the earlier trimmed surface and spline on surface corners ,.. they are for use in helping to create the corner boundary of the tread. .. 8^)
  10. oh,.. looks like (-4) is a duplicated of (-2)... here is -4's replacement... organic_bean_zxys_4b.zip
  11. zxys


    it's a combination of using a 3DSketch and "spline on surface" ..
  12. Here are 7 different ways using SW2006... File attached: "organic_bean_zxys.zip" ..although they are all symmetrical you can always apply different profiles to the far side. I wanted to show one with trimmed surfaces but the modeler tolerances are not cooperating.. (see "organic_bean_zxys-0.SLDPRT") .. organic_bean_zxys.zip
  13. zxys


    personally,.. I like your name. but... here are a few obvious ones... RelaxFlow LegFlow-DVT Active-DVT Free-DVT DVT-Mon (itor) ..
  14. zxys

    Solidworks Help

    kewl! It's much more refined then my simple blob offering.. I'd only suggest doing a diff base and inside blend... (see attached) ... 8^) will_part_by_kaiza_zxys.zip
  15. zxys

    Solidworks Help

    Hey Austin,.. Yeah,.. if you play with it a while.. it starts to balance out, that is, the sketches are not in sync and the result of reality has to give somewhere..? ... (and some massaging...) hndle_zxys_c.zip
  16. zxys

    Solidworks Help

    Not sure how close I got but it was fun doing it,... 8^) hndle_zxys_b.zip
  17. here's a catia site explaining it.. http://catiatutor.com/Basic/CATIA-Handbook...-SURFACING.html ..
  18. well,... personally... SW is just ok and fun with a limited degree... and yes I know anything is possible and you can do some good stuff with SW but... (.. don't do that too much or you may go blind...) I would suggest using another faster and more adept 3D tool if you are serious about moving forward with modeling cars professionally. btw,.. I really like the other car you have at your site!
  19. zxys


    Yeah,.. Seok-Hyung Bae, Ravin Balakrishnan, and Karan Singh,... have impressive resumes! I hope the best for them! I sent out the ilovesketch link to a handful of colleagues and 4 responded with similar responses as here. Personally,.. I hope they license this to many different companies so they can get it out there... that is,.. hopefully not just one company uses this? I would luv to have something like this! I can imagine doing quick concept sketches, shared ideation,.. or being on webex to quickly sketch something on the 3D model to convey a shape/change/flow/blend/,... As it is,.. the integration they show is very good, imho. adding surface tools or patches will get sweet! I not sure if I'm out of touch here but from what I've seen of Catia shape tools and now seeing ilovesketch,... I can only imagine the next gen of ID users will be very very fortunate to have these married together! ..
  20. zxys


    the ma curves are clean! i could create patches easily from it. .. 8^)
  21. Ya know,.. sadly,.. PW has been good and disappointing... and like you guys it's good to see a option like this. I did not upgrade my subscription because of the poor quality and inconsistency out from 2007/2008 and some of 2009 beta. So, I opt'd out.. and I don't have a 2009 license to see what/how 360 is performing,..? (curiosity is killing me) Anyhow it's great to see this... (btw,.. I had a LightWave license years ago,.. and wrote to Newtek a few times asking if they had plans open their render engine to the likes of SolidWorks and got one email... saying... "maybe".) So, I'm excited that the Luxology Team (a break off from Newtek) is offering this! .. 8^)
  22. zxys


    Very kewl stuff!! 8^) ..
  23. zxys

    Solidworks Unwrap

    here's the cost... http://www.powershape-e.com/general/cad_data.asp ..
  24. well,.. you may be hoping for too much or expecting it to cap like some other modelers loft? you may have to add some more curves to get a more desired shape... like this example... 4sided_loft_zxys.zip

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