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  1. zxys

    Wild-wave Suv (local-motors)

    wicked kewl! :thumbsup: (although, the renders are a bit dark)
  2. zxys

    How To Model This!

    Although it's possible with some work, I agree it would be painful in SW. So,.. the alternative, imho, is Rhino3D... and, if you need more organic nurbs support,.. add T-Splines. ..
  3. zxys

    How To Model This!

    very kewl, bildder! :clapping:
  4. personally,.. I'd quickly add a coordinate system so it's exactly where you want it, export the body(s) as a Parasolid, check the coordinate system option and re-import the x_t using Insert/Features/Imported.
  5. zxys

    Audi R8

    I believe you will figure it out soon enough.. just keep at it and it will come.. :cheers:
  6. oh well,.. yeah.. not goin to work in that situation.. whatever works.. here are some others using the face w/rolling ball and a rule surf offset/trim... maybe useful alts.. blnds_zxys.zip
  7. zxys

    Audi R8

    since I don't have SW2009, I used Rhino 4.x to import ... and open in SW2006 To reduce the file size I suppress all the features and also use a program called EcoSqueeze... then zip. .. that was nice paul salvador ! i started doing from the first again.. thank you.. if u can tell me how u opened my 2009 file in u r lower version and how u compress files. to increase my knowledge.. @designerxyz shared link.. 4shared.com is not opening for me don't know.. why !! thank you both of u for helping me !! from my heart all i can say and give.
  8. zxys

    Audi R8

    this is the blend suggestion.. currently your corner (red) is a problem with getting the adjacent boundaries to blend.. the last loft (grn) shows what could be? (corrected file uploaded... "bndry_blnds_zxys_b.zipbndry-blnds-zxys-b.zip")
  9. here's another way or the rhino pipe method.. (don't have sw2009/sw2010 so, imported and untrimmed and approx the intersection with a spline) Surface_fillet_test_zxys.zip
  10. zxys

    Audi R8

    suggest you break up the rear panel transition with more boundaries, also align to maintain common flow..
  11. zxys

    3ds Max

    One of the alternatives which has not been mentioned,... T-Splines. That is,.. using your mesh modeling skills and models and bring them into a nurbs world,.. "T-Splines" used with either Maya or Rhino3D,.. (import your 3DS or OBJ files into either). http://www.tsplines.com/products/tsplines-for-maya.html http://www.tsplines.com/products/tsplines-for-rhino.html ..
  12. Rhino3D,... you can import the *.sldprt/*.sldasm and export as a parasolid "OR" use the *.3DM plugin in SolidWorks for reading 3DM. There maybe more... (but, I can't come up with any right now... )?
  13. zxys

    Modelling A Hand Drill

    I kinda started doing it but,... I got a major case of FDD... Friday-Day-Dream... ended up with this.. 8^)
  14. You're welcome... we look forward to seeing your stuff!
  15. The decal problem maybe a SW glitch or because of the format used or maybe a alpha channel applied,... try another format (png or tga) or use another paint program to save with? Personally, I use PNG and have had few probs but early on TGA was used so.. maybe try that? Here's a example of adding light... flashlight_zxys.zip
  16. Haven't seen version 5 myself.. maybe just drag the bar down or right mouse click on the bar and see if there is a option to relocate?
  17. http://www.proengineertips.com/configurati...neer-wil-5.html
  18. zxys

    Extrude Cut To An Offset Surface

    Yeah, you can extrude it as a surface and see what happens when you trim it with the surface you cut up to. It looks ok but the problem is that the program will assume that open edge (at the 1.50) as a limit and that is why it does not cut all the way. I know.. it does not seem to make sense and sometimes it may actually work. Yes, do your splits and drafts before adding any fillets! ..
  19. zxys

    Extrude Cut To An Offset Surface

    just align the end (delete the 1.50) with the surface edge and it will cut. otherwise, it's confused/assumes the side and trim regions. you can easily check this out be doing a manual surface extrusion and see how it trims away
  20. funny... I was just finishing a 3D flying pig model.... what are the odds!?!?! 8^)
  21. ...some basic examples using SW2006.. box_corners_zxys.zip blended_corners_zxys.zip
  22. zxys

    Helmet Sketch

    that's freaky-weird... I'm going to have bad dreams tonight... :worried:
  23. I think someone already answered your question? Use Split using the Sihouette option... I was idle so I roughly drew up the model too show this... the real challenge, as you may know, is the red undercut between the legs and top of the center bulb. so, the question would be if you have decided to do some perimeter slide/lift action around the undercut center bulb? .. Swirl_Pattern_sw2006_zxys.zip
  24. very nice work, lincoln and/also fab97! .. :thumbsup:
  25. zxys

    Smooth Radius

    here are a few diff ways but similar to what bildder showed and in SW2006 format.. .. scallup_zxys_2006.zip

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