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  1. zxys

    Gm En-v Concept's

    So,.. what do you guys think of the future ideas they showed? Red one is called Jiao (Pride) Blue one is Xiao (Laugh) Black one is Miao (Magic) (my personal fav) http://www.conceptcarz.com/z18211/GM-EN-V-Concept.aspx
  2. zxys

    Free Ipad...

    With all the hype, here's a quickie for fun (Updated - April 9th)... ipad_zxys_c.zip
  3. zxys

    Gm En-v Concept's

    hmm,.. well, it says in the first sentence of the article..."urban". Otherwise,.. In the Underworld,.. using the existing infrastructure of sewer lines!? Anyhow.. I'd say, the first area of interest would be with tourism! For instance... http://www.gocartours.com/
  4. Here's the file... this is a basic modeling layout,... called,.. patch or boundary modeling. You add profile curves to define the general shape, add the valve/inlet/outlet surface caps and then close the open boundaries in between. ...also a basic video showing the model.. (no audio). http://www.zxys.com/misc/2010-03-18_1157.swf ..enjoy! drip_zxys_SW2006.zip
  5. well, here's my attempt... I've done faucets before and this old style has it's challenges.. but, once you tweak/set the boundaries for the flow... it works out. (although my models boundaries do need more tweaking, SW2006 PW2)...
  6. zxys

    The New Apple Ipad

    sorry, I just had to add this... 8^) http://i.imgur.com/NjjkM.jpg
  7. zxys

    What Car Is This?

    my guess is it's either a Camaro, Firebird or Trans Am prototype (Chevy/Pontiac)?
  8. zxys

    Audi Z Or

    it feels lean, nice flow and it's inviting... I wanna touch it! 8^)
  9. zxys

    The New Apple Ipad

    I personally think it's interesting but I don't considered it something innovative, special or ground breaking. That is,.. iGet it... no,... iDon't get it or,.. iWTF? BUT,.. I do listen and see things which surprise me and that is there seems to be a demographic which I or we are ignorant about or we forget about? Yeah,.. Mom/Dad, researchers, hospitals,... ereaders, game players, college students,... but there is something I believe which maybe common here..? By itself iPad is... ok but... Apple is taking this chance because they must see some probable gravity which it maybe able too utilize during this economic flat line, that is,.. the follow us and be like us,.. the wannabe's if you will? I mean,.. it maybe a gamble but, people want something new yet they also want too know what it is they need and they trust in the previous products they have been providing... and, they have a large and growing fan base! I sense Apple maybe at a point time in their existence where they can almost dictate what people need/want,.. and their users will follow!? I think they are rolling the dice on this product.. and, they may cash in if (as you all have said)... the right apps get on which help keep the existing Apple momentum going!? ..
  10. he's very good! very impressive work! :thumbsup:
  11. "Tangency, The Ugly Sister Of Continuity?" ..you say it like it's a bad thing?
  12. zxys

    Studio Rendering?

    wow,.. that interface actually makes sense!!! (well, kind of, sort of... oh boy,.. I've been around too many gui's!) Look at this for the ultimate slick approach http://www.hdrlightstudio.com/hdrlightstud...ploration2.html
  13. ok,.. I see IEC 60529 IPX7,.. so, that's 1 meter or 3 ft for 30 mins? this spec seems to be related to GPS gear? looking at most GPS housings they use a o-ring, custom gasket or co-molded seal. btw,.. please correct me but that's about 1.5 psi? so, that's a very low pressure you'll have to seal against. also,.. depending on the design or how well you do seal the container,.. consider venting, that is you may over design it and it may become air tight and you'll need to allow for breathing or equalizing pressure. oh,.. and just in case (no pun intended)... possible moisture concerns... the need for desiccant? ..
  14. suggest downloading Rhino3D trial version and open your SLDPRT's and save as IGES or STL?
  15. Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman
  16. it looks like it's simply a dia dim instead of a rad dim,.. the R's share the same center.. blk_zxys.zip
  17. here's an example as well.. http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ost&p=47826
  18. zxys

    Modelling A Hand Drill

    nice work, muadib3d! :thumbsup:
  19. zxys

    Small Surfacing Challange

    I'll post an attempt using SW2006... fender_fadeout_blend_zxys.zip
  20. View/View Manager/Xsec here are two links for ref.. http://www.synthx.com/tom/sy_tip_0412.htm http://www.brighthub.com/engineering/mecha...cles/50217.aspx
  21. zxys

    Obama Wins Nobel Prize

    that's what happens when you get norwegians sitting around a table drinking and singing kumbaya. and,.. as Cyberdemon noted... it is old news and he quickly noted his surprise with humble confusion about the award. but the oslo guys said it was an award towards hope for peace,..
  22. SolidWorks has never been really forgiving,.. at least for me,.. it has ALWAYS been filled with workarounds. But,.. (and I hate defending SolidWorks) after dissecting your example further,.. if you look at each surface individually,... offset, untrim and extend... you'll see each boundaries extents and the adjacent boundaries trim limits. Relying on SolidWorks to save you... man,.. you'll be cursing it every day Part of the workaround game/responsibility of modeling odd shapes is modeling in flexibility for later gotchas. :ohno:
  23. have you tried, Thicken? ..sometimes it works it forces the extension of the boundary. the corners seem to be the issue,.. the common vertex is lost when offset outward..
  24. zxys

    Parting Line And Surface For Tool Split

    Not sure what you mean by jagged other than you showing Sketch22 as a reference? Parting Surface2 resolves fine in SW2007 sp5? I can only think that you may want the surface to be a simple rectangle with the parting line cutout?,... instead of the 4.5mm perimeter surface? Since the face is planar it's fine.
  25. You need to create a coordinate system. Did you create a coordinate system? :eh: Zxys: I can't seem to select co-ordinate system when exporting it out as a parasolid. There is no other option at the output co-ordinate system apart from Default. This should be a good option as well ... doesn't work for me

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