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  1. Greg, First question, how big is this scene? meters X meters X meters or Enviroment Radius (diameter)? The reason I ask is, SW is limited to 1km (or 500m radius) and your camera and light distances are limited to 500m so when you start to push the boundaries of the 1km things in SW start acting very odd. (as inconsistent as SW is, working with a large scale scene will make it worse). SW was not made for this. You can fake it but, you can NOT easily mimic a normal real landscape with sunlight like you can in say, LightWave, 3DSMax,... If you are hard pressed to do this anyhow, I'd advise turning on Indirect Illumination and using a HDR image for the environment. Anyhow, a directional light will show some limitations, I'd suggest using a point light (like a sun). And, the individual shadow control does overide the scene shadow setting. Oh, the obvious workaround for large scaled scenes is to scale them down. Good luck. ..
  2. You can't do want you want in 2006 directly through the PW interface. These have been requested many times and SW Corp is very slow too respond. (Bug SW and request it anyway, they have a problem listening) 2007 (which still sux) provides the intensity option but no rotation. The workarounds: If you have a HDRi program to increase the intensity (and possibly rotation?), that should help, but.. as a alternative,.. if you have a 2d image (png, jpg,..) of the hdr file, you can increase the intensity in a paint program. (you can export a 2D of the hdr by saving a background image of the hdr through SW) Or, if you want, and you know where the general light source is in the hdr or scene, add a single direction light. To rotate, it's easiest to rotate your objects in the SLDASM (assembly) (that is, a lazy susan approach). ..
  3. Here is how I'd approach this or my interpretation of the curves shown,.. ..and, sldprt,...http://www.zxys.com/misc/hndle-zxys.zip
  4. Agreed. Sorry, Mark but whoever did those, MPK or JJD?,.. well, they could be better, imho. ..
  5. Pretty kewl but my imagination leads me to thinking,.. a bottle of wine in one hand and a stick prying out some doggie doodoo crammed in there.. or, while crossing the street, the cork screw becomes impailed into hot summer asphalt and in my sights a mack truck doesn't seem to be stopping,.. 8^)
  6. zxys


    Well, for the price,... as in zero cost,.. http://www.blender.org/ http://www.yafray.org/
  7. zxys

    Monitor Preference Question

    The best deal is with Dell, imho. (subjective but they also look good) I just bought, direct from Dell, a brand new 2407WFP (24" widescreen, 1920x1200) for $720.00 ($800 total tax/shipping) and it's been great! Prior to this I used a Viewsonic VX2000 (20") at 1600x1200 for 3 years and it was also great! Personally the widescreen is worth it and also I suggest trying to get something with 16ms or less pixel response time!
  8. zxys

    Solidworks Question

    Hey voodoo, Well, there lies a trick with using 3DSketches,... for instance,.. With planes showing, set your view to isometric, now select one of the default planes and start a 3DSketch. Your 3DSketch (like when you begin a 2Dsketch) will attach to that plane (or planar face). So, you basically have a curve (which looks like a 2Dsketch) assigned to that plane (or planar face) but you can manipulate it later in 3D space. .. voodoochile, I attached the file (SW2006) in the original post so you should be able to see how it was grouped? Otherwise, you might have a earlier version? SW2005? I'll attach a screne shot..
  9. zxys

    Solidworks Question

    What I'd suggest is doing a "Fill Surface". So, using the curves you show I approximated a set of sketche into what it may be.. then I added some more curves to help me get a smoother dome or to interpolate this better. Note: I used 3DSketches but you can use 2D sketches. I just like using 3DSketches incase I want to tweak something. .. and, a file (SW2006)...dome_zxys.zip

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