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  1. w i l l

    Material Sites?

    Hi, Does anyone know of any site that is focused on new or future materials? Or exciting materials in general... like aerogel, litracon, composites etc?
  2. w i l l

    Solidworks Problem

    Has anyone ever known of a problem whereby you click to edit a sketch but you can't actually pick or select the sketch because there's a dimension icon instead of the standard pointer. It's really annoying. I've even tried re-installing Solidworks.
  3. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    1 inch 80's scribbles
  4. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Nice one. I coloured a bad initial thumbnail sketch in Photoshop, sort of like it though. Might do some more but neater tomorrow.
  5. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    The initial sketch.
  6. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Thanks. Upright printer thoughts....
  7. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Just adding a few videos here to show some ideas. I'll probably put up a couple a week. http://www.mrproduct.co.uk/
  8. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Here's the top right. Could do with a decent camera.
  9. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Quick Boat Sci-Fi
  10. w i l l

    Doodles And Other Thingies

    Thought I'd get this thread going again...
  11. w i l l

    A Few Ideas

    I'm modelling up a few ideas that I've had in my head, 1 a day quick kind of thing. Some are a bit odd. Let me know what you think. These are just ideas that I might develop so still work in progress. Adding more here soon www.willusher.com Always up mp3 stereo; Woodworm Lamp; Carbon Fibre Hostel Bunk.... The idea for this is that the millisecond hand spins so fast that it creates a coloured blur so that you can see the white hands in front. Probably wouldn't work in reality though!
  12. Hi, I was wondering if any other professionals could give me some advice (maybe you could PM me if you don't want to mention costs). I'm trying to find out much would you usually charge for the 3D file of a product - say of the client wants to take the initial Solidworks file (developed to rapid prototyping level) and carry out all the prototyping and development themsleves? Not that this should make any difference but this would be for a brand such as Habitat or B&Q not an individual inventor. Or is it normal nowadays to just give away the Solidworks file? Thanks.
  13. w i l l

    Moved To Flickr

    I've moved my portfolio from Carbonmade to Flickr for a few different reasons. www.willusher.com I'm going to add more hand sketching and better styling work soon when I get time, but there are a few things on there to look at anyway. Maybe if you're on Flickr add me as a contact or something. Feel free to make comments of any kind/general banter or abuse under the images. Cheers.

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