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  1. grasshoper

    Pininfarina Dodici

    Great job and also thank you for sharing the process.
  2. grasshoper

    3D Photo Frame

    Very creative...
  3. grasshoper

    Avions Voisin Concept Car

    Good sketch style!
  4. grasshoper

    Honda Native

    Nice portfolio, very good.
  5. grasshoper


    You can think about their speed (pace). Second, Minute and Hour. How about changing the thickness of the lines? Or coding seconds circle as a dot... just pop-up ideas.
  6. grasshoper

    Fiat Coupe 2020

    Good sketching skills.
  7. grasshoper

    Cintiq Sketches

    nice, thumbs up.
  8. grasshoper


    Very nice
  9. grasshoper


    Very nice
  10. good project, be quick about production...
  11. grasshoper

    Greenwashing...... A Good Side?

    Interesting topic, Adam Brown, Washing action can be categorized into 4 main under categories. The first two categories can be named as consumption of energy and water. In addition to this, the feature of fabric and chemical treatment( Detergents etc..) can be named under greenwashing. For an school project,in 2005, i made a small research about laundry chemicals and i found www.sevethgeneration.com . Maybe you can check their internet site. Also, there are some fabrics built with nanotechnology that is not getting dirty easily. In one research in Clemson University, researchers developed a coating method for fabrics with silver(Ag) particles. I am sorry that i couldnt find the web link but you can find it easily. There are some white goods companies that produce energy and water efficiency washing machines. Some of these companies also focus on the warranty time in order to show the other side of sustainability and green concept in their commercial. For instance, Vestel ( a Turkish Manufacturer) gives 5 year warranty while the others generally give 2-3 years. As KQD said, green- blabla can turn into a kind of consumption movement. On the other hand, i believe that these kind of products has great influence on the user. Changing behavior and habits will always take time. It is not only just fixing your product or using biodegradable toilet papers. If user will care about their clothes and wear his clothes more carefully, not having sports (?) or forbidding kids to jump in mud (?) or being naked (?). It will be good for green-washing. The main problem is we need to decide logically where we need to stop and open-minded for technological improvements.
  12. grasshoper

    Pencil Drawings

    It is not a sketch it is a pencil rendering work and it is great! Great job!
  13. grasshoper

    Wood Is Good - Chair

    I like scandinavian design and i like that chair...
  14. grasshoper


    when i use flat surface how can i control the device
  15. grasshoper

    New Type Mouse

    hi, if you are interested in designing mouse maybe this could help you... http://www.designinginteractions.com/ the site of designing interaction gives chapters of this book. However it is now at chapter 6. The first chapter of book is a historical brief of mouse.If you want to read it you can download this book from here.... http://www.asiaing.com/designing-interacti...-moggridge.html Have fun,
  16. Hi, I like your renderings.Also, the wow effect of the product(using gravity and using water again and again) is really promising for me. However i want to mention on your design and your presentation in negative ways. First, the control panel is under the zero level if you compared with the tanks. That can be really big problems about the usage and safety if they are turning from the point of interface(touchscreen). ex: There can be some buttons like reset button under the zero level. Second, communication is really important point in design. Your presentation language is Spanish. You can translate to in English in a few minutes in order to be understood more better.To sum up, i like the idea and design but we need to think every second which is spent on a project and remember them and our efforts until the production even after the production. EDIT: In my opinion, video presentation will be a must in near future not only focus on the product but also usage of the products, personas, scenarios...
  17. grasshoper

    New Dacia Logan

    if you can upload the pics to the site, it will be more better because the out-sourced pics can disappear after a while.
  18. grasshoper


    what is the difference between 2front-1rear and 1front-2rear ?
  19. grasshoper

    My First Bathroom Collection

    i like the tap very much.. Really good design...
  20. it is nice model. Just try to have reflection on the focus
  21. grasshoper

    Sphere Sound System

    there is a competition on designboom.com . Maybe u want to enter...
  22. grasshoper

    Fillet Edge Problems

    curve from object get the edge which you want to fillet then create a pipe and than blend surfaces. It will work i guess. edited: If you can undo the fillet r=.1. select the edges in one fillet command. you can change the diameters while selecting the edges.
  23. good starting point it can be very good and it is like a song.
  24. grasshoper

    Best Design Sites?

    www.mocoloco.com just try also www.productdesignforum.com

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