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  1. Kieron-Scott

    Adzero - Bamboo Smartphone

    Thanks You. much appreciated
  2. Kieron-Scott

    Adzero - Bamboo Smartphone

    Hey Man, This was half way through the development process, A few things have changed but we have been working side by side with our manufacturers to ensure the vision is kept throughout the product and that the internal component compatibility is maintained.
  3. Kieron-Scott

    Adzero - Bamboo Smartphone

    Thanks guys. A few updates. Since i haven't been online for ages. Here is the BBC Interview from earlier in the year. http://www.bbc.co.uk...london-16820523 Also some further developed renders of the handset for you guys to feast your eyes on. We are currently based in Google Campus, UK and also have a team in China. All system go for a late 2012 / Early 2013 launch.
  4. Kieron-Scott


    I will be on BBC London News Tonight 6:30pm (BBC1) regarding the design work i have done for ADzero - The Bamboo Smartphone. https://www.facebook.com/events/262372970502055/ Tune in if you can Cheers.
  5. Kieron-Scott

    Adzero - Bamboo Smartphone

    UPDATE: Very short notice... But ADzero Will be on BBC London news tonight at 6:30pm (BBC1) Will attach the link once it's available through iplayer. https://www.facebook.com/events/262372970502055/ Watch if your interested
  6. Recording BBC London News tomorrow. Make sure you guys have liked us on FB ADzero and followed us on Twitter @justADzero . Will let you know Air date as soon as i know!

  7. Ready to take this week on! LETS GO!

  8. The @justADzero Website will be redirected to our Facebook Page while we undergo a site upgrade. #FYI ..let you know when we are back up! :)

  9. I'll be on BBC London News Next week talking about being Head Deasigner at ADzero . Be sure to tune in, exact date to come.

  10. oh god. bodypump with a hangover........

  11. Exciting news regarding @justADzero . Will tell all soon :D Woop-Woop #letsgo!

  12. lovely night out wiv the gang Saima Duhare Stuart Lancaster Antonio Cinelli been a while. lovely too see ya xxxx

  13. On my way to film part of a press release for @justADzero exciting stuff :) #Android

  14. Kieron-Scott

    New Web Service

    No problems mate. Here is another one i found a while back http://www.conceptshare.com/

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