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  1. Mark Marzouk

    Myanmar Hurricane And China Earthquake

    think this is a very interesting project. very important. if we could get a few people involved and get a mini brief written up we might be able to get a bit of input. we are strong and wealthy compared to these people who have nothing so it is our duty to help in any way possible. M.
  2. Mark Marzouk


    i like the renderings and the whole concept behind it all but i think that the charger needs developing to fit the style more. i think the tools shouldnt be categorised as 'powertools' as such, i think they would be more suited to maybe medical, maybe even repair kits for bikes etc. where you want the item to be slimline and light. very nice work, just think you need to think about which market they are designed for. M.
  3. Mark Marzouk

    Show us your workspace

    This is my current setup at home
  4. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg Project

    Thanx for your input guys. i am working on plastic only products which i will be trying to get into supermarkets etc.... i want to stick to a 1 piece design so the product is sturdy and easy to injection mould. any help would be appreciated. Thanx. M.
  5. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg Project

    I am trying to make the product as simple as possible....like the old days. U not remember these wooden pegs which never failed? M.
  6. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Hanger Project

    Here is another one....let me know what you guys think. Sorry i didnt explain the designs thoroughly in the beginning. The first hanger is designed for retail units because of its shape and no pant hanging feature. The second is for home use, a retail version could possibly produced in polycarbonate or PS to give it a very chic look. The 3rd hanger is for home use again and is designed as a space saver, the hangers fit inside each other so that ones that arent being used take up minimul space. this is a cheap option for mass production really. Iv just added the 4th. i designed this mainly for mass production but it ended up looking quite chic and a product which i could imagine being in large retail outlets. I am really aiming at items for mass production, products that can be sold in supermarkets etc. Feedback is always appreciated. M. p.s, the second image is to show how the third design pack together.
  7. Hi guys, im running a HP 9400 workstation with 2x Dual Core AMD 2218 2.60Ghz processors with 4gb ram and a Nvidia Quadro FX3500 card. Running Windows XP 32 bit. (and my processors are capable of 64bit.) ....My problem is my solidworks and even 3D max is only using 25% of all my processing power when calculating rebuilds and large fillets. When i render in 3D max it uses 100% processing power, but when im doing subdivisions and other processor hungry operations it only uses 25%...... i anyone else experiencing this? or is it just me? im just worried im not using the full potential... anyway....your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. M.
  8. Mark Marzouk

    Problems With Solidworks 2008 With Dual Core Amd?

    thanx for the info mate, so basically the only way around it is to use dual boot and have a 64bit operating system solely for solidworks x64. i already use the 3gb switch but there is no problem with the RAM. i just want to get the full potential of my system. im running 5 hard disks so there is no problem to put vista x64 and solidworks x64 on one of them and dual boot it. how does your quad core run with solidworks? do u know anything about dual monitors with solidworks? m.
  9. Mark Marzouk

    Problems With Solidworks 2008 With Dual Core Amd?

    Yes im running a total of 4 cores. I can set the affinity to one core and it will use 100% of that core. But thats leaving 3 cores idle which i dont want. i want all 4 cores running 100% when i am doing rebuilds etc. i have been doing some more reading and there doesnt seem to be any way around it..... thanx anyway mate. M.
  10. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Hanger Project

    Thanx for your comments George, They are just quick screen shots, im designing for manufacture so i dont need to do renderings and presentations...as im also the manufacturer. I am doing more designs but i am limited to making the design too crazy because i have to consider tooling costs, material costs etc. There is a big difference between doing concept design work at university and college and designing products which will be practical in every day use. and still be manufactured easily and at a good price. I will post more stuff soon. Thanx.
  11. Hi all, Iv been trying to solve this problem now for a full day and iv had enough. haha. I have modelled this clothes hanger in SW08 using solids and i cant get a smooth curve between the base of the hanger and the mid section between the hook and base. as you can see its not smooth enough. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. I have tried using a face fillet but it wont make it. Anyway, any help would be much appreciated. Thanx M.
  12. Mark Marzouk

    Surface Curvature Problem Sw08

    thanx zxys, looks pretty perfect to me. i just need to sort out the bottom hook section now. thanks alot for your help. i really need to learn how to use surfaces like you have in the file. Iv never been taught so i will have to look into it.
  13. Mark Marzouk

    Surface Curvature Problem Sw08

    hey, thanx for the response. I have trouble with surfaces, i havnt really looked into them much. i need to though obviously. I have attached the file so you can take a better look. thanx. M. Curvature.zip
  14. Mark Marzouk

    Wrap Scribe Problem Is Solidworks

    Hi guys, this is my solidworks file. if you can wrap it fell free to send it back. ;+> wrap.zip
  15. Does anybody know how i can scribe onto a domed surface in solidworks 2007? It seems that i can only scribe onto a cylinder. I have been trying to scribe a detailed vector image of flowers onto a dome for a week or so now. Any help would be much appreciated. ;+>
  16. Mark Marzouk

    Tablet Pc's

    tablet pcs are a very good option, i have used wacom tablets before but i prefer the tablet pc simply because your in exactly the same position as when your sketching on paper. id recommend getting hold of a tablet pc to get a better idea of how they work. i have had my Thinkpad x61 tablet for about 4 months now, its the best laptop iv ever had. bit pricey but very small, light and rigid. p.s if you buy a tablet pc and run vista i would recommend having 2gig of ram minimum just to ensure you dont get any lags with sketchbook pro. Have fun.
  17. Mark Marzouk

    Tea Light Holder

    thank you for all your comments guys. Yes the flames were put on using photoshop. I more of an industrial designer so i dont really know much about compostition etc. haha. the material is acrylic plastic and the process to manufacture this would be injection moulding. Now...as for the candles....they are tea lights. so they have an aluminium cup. so they will just fall out when tipped. I am running a hp workstation 9300 with 4gb ecc ram, 256 quadro 4500, 2x dual core amd opterons. I use solidworks for modelling and 3d max with vray for rendering. I will be posting more products as soon as i get time. M.
  18. Mark Marzouk

    Wrap Scribe Problem Is Solidworks

    Thank you guys. all your comments are much appreciated. I am currently in the process of gettings SW08 so i will give it a try with that. thank you all again. M.
  19. Mark Marzouk

    Hp Tc4400 Tablet Pc

    I have a Thinkpad X61 Tablet, the screen is pressure sensitive and made by wacom actually. its very good and you can get great sketching results with alias sketchbook.

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