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  1. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Unwrap

    thanx alot, im downloading the powershape software now. just need to find the best way to import the solidworks model into it now. Because i will need to take it back into solidworks so check the drafts and undercuts. thanx, M.
  2. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    i understand what your saying guys but at the point where the grips are the clip is very rigid and is very difficult to flex. The amount of force needed to grip the clip to be able to pull it off is nowhere near as much force you need to flex the plastic. it is alot more rigid than the illustrations make it look. Thanks for bringing up the issue though. M.
  3. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    Thanx for the comments lupi, i have thought about the rubber grip idea but this design works more like a snap fit to the line. like a pen lid. i think that a two shot would just complicate the product and add cost to manufacture and the mould itself. M.
  4. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    hi guys, thanx for the comments. I have had quotes from about 5 different countries. Because of the very fine details and curves on my products chinese molds are not really a good option for me. The plastic manufacturer i have been dealing with recommended italian and thai molds for their value and quality. Thai molds are a very similar price to the italians. What has pushed me to the italian mold maker is the fact that they give very good warranty and support with with mold, the communication is very easy and professional and the lead time will be good as italy is very close to the middle east. The Italians do all the draft angles and preparation for molding, i just supply my solidworks file to them. Their engineers take care of the rest. For a ten cavity mold for pegs like this your talking around $50,000. with a shot life of over 1 million. M.
  5. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    thanx for the advice. i understand your drawing, iv just never seen a split line like that before. The mould will already be very expensive because it will be 10 or 12 cavities. M.
  6. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    yeh i understand your concern. it will definately something that i will be discussing with my tool maker. M.
  7. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    @JelleT, yeh when you push the peg down onto the garment it snaps to the line in a way and grips very well. im gona go out to the washing line in a minute and take a couple of shot of it on the line. haha. because the plastic isnt too thick it also have a bit of flex in it which helps finding the tightest set of teeth to grip to. the graphic on the side is for presentation really but i do want to have some type of organic vector on the side with a matte to glossy transition. need to get look for some nice graphic ideas now.....any ideas? if so email me some to info@mdesignegy.com maybe someone on here could influence the final design. ;+> @csven, the flashing is something i have thought about but it is something that the tool makers in Italy will really care about. they will have to position the split line of the tool in the correct position. from the italian manufacturers they expect to get a shot life of around 1 million+. i have never seen any other clothes pins with teeth like this before so i cant see any examples of what could happen. M.
  8. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    hi Clark, thank you for your comments. I assure you the product works very well. There have been many prototypes of the current design. The product has been designed with curves on every side of the gripping area. The peg grips the clothes to the line as you stated by wedging the clothes and line between the tightest of the teeth. The advantage over a wooden peg is that it is mich more hard wearing. It will not absord dirt like wooden pegs do and of course it will never rot. The advantage over regular plastic pegs is that it will never come to pieces, you wont find springs popping out at you. and also there is no metal to go rusty and leave marks on your clothes. M.
  9. Mark Marzouk

    Advanced Surfacing Techniques

    im not really big on nurbs but it was once explained in a very simple way to me. in comparison with 2D documents nurbs is like vector files and polygons are like bitmap files. nurbs are always smooth no matter how close u get. they are normally used in indestrial design and they are very accurate and can be easily edited. what software are you using for nurbs? M.
  10. Hi all, I have been looking into injection moulding parts, my mobile phone battery really caught my eye. look at the detailing of the surface, it looks like it is in-mould decoration. but does anybody know what process is used to make this type of detail in a mould? is it EDM or some type of engraving or what? do these type of details have to be made in the 3D file, ie in solidworks. or is this something that you can make in illustrator or photoshop and just let the mould maker handle the 2D image? any help would be appreciated. M.
  11. yeh i guess the detail shouldnt be a problem...well maybe a problem with high detail and cost. i have emailed Mold-Tech. its seems they are on holiday until the 25th in the Italian office. haha. I will be having molds made in Italy so its the best option really. Thanx for your help guys. I should be manufacturing soon. keep an eye out.... M.
  12. thanx guys. yeh i think i want to do something with a matt and glossy contrast. was just worried about that amount of detail that can be achieved with this type of process. i want my product to have a type of vector floral detailing to make the product more emotional. M.
  13. i dont want a colour graphic on the item, i just want something like in the photo. something subtle and simple. Thanx M.
  14. thanx for the comments guys. i suspected it would be a printed film system. but....can detailing like this be engraved onto the mould? you can easily find alot of items with very fine details. i was hoping it would be something simpler that could be inside the mould. its for decoration, not a serial number that would be changed etc. M.
  15. hi there, if i want to import text into solidworks i do it in either two ways. from photoshop i export paths to an illustrator file. you can open illustrator files in solidworks. but when you save the illustrator file it must be version 7 or 8. solidworks doesnt read the new formats. in illustrator write the text, then you have to convert it to outlines. then save it as v.7 or 8. then open the illustrator file from file---open in solidworks. then edit the sketch, then copy and paste. the main problem with importing text from illustrator is it is very heavy. try it anyway...just be patiant. M.
  16. like under-dog said just get your scanned image and its sketch tools, sketch picture. jpeg is suppored in 2007 and 2008. what i tend to do is crop my scanned image to the edges of the sketch, then line it all up in photoshop so all the horizontal lines are actually horizontal. this helps alot. then once i insert the image onto the sketch i just dimension the image to the overall size of the product. then just sketch over it. i hope this help. M.
  17. Mark Marzouk

    Sw Design Question

    hi dean, I would probably wrap the sketch around a tube using the wrap feature and cut it out using a 3d sketch. i think one of the guys who uses sheet metal will be able to give you a much easier way of doing it. M.
  18. Mark Marzouk

    Shaving Brush

    I think as a start its quite elegant and clean. From a production point of view though i wouldnt recommend any material that oxidises on the base as it will leave a dirty mark on the bathroom surface. Secondly i wouldnt recommend the holes in the side as they will collect stagnant water and will look dirty after a week or so. to be honest, if i did shave i probably would buy this type of item. i like the simplicity and solid metal compact items. very masculine, and i do think u created a good product for your assignment. oh, and alu is perfect for this aplication. another thing....some grades of stainless steel can rust. M.
  19. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg/clip Development

    Hi all, We have been designing products for mass production for the last few months now, from market research and distribution strategies we have decided that clothing pegs would be the best first product for our company. We will be injection moulding one final design. Check out the pictures of the development pricess, the models in the photos are 3D SLS prints. The most recent design (and the one which works the best in testing) is on the far right side. Please leave feedback on the designs to try to guide us to making the product better. We have had alot of possitive feedback from people upto now, But we want some honest product designer feedback... anyway. we want to begin manufacture in the next couple of months so we are hoping to get the designs finalised asap. All designs are done in Solidworks 2008. Thank, M.
  20. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg/clip Development

    Hi JelleT, I really like the 6th design too, i spent quite a bit of time on the cad work for it and i have about 6 different versions of it too. The problem with it was the jaws are at a too high of an angle to grip the clothes, a shallow angle with a long jaw works the best but doesnt look as nice. Please also keep in mind that this is for mass production so heavy consideration goes into part weight and wall thickness, If i make thick section its will add to weight considerably and posible leave sink marks due to shrinkage from the moulding process. So thinner walls and low weight give a better quality finish and lower cost. Do you see the dilema between concept design and design for manufacture!! haha. thanks for all the comments guys, M.
  21. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg/clip Development

    Hi Lilith, thank you for your reply, number 1 is quite cool, it was my first design. it doesnt clip well because it is too loose around the line but it is quite good ergonomically. M.
  22. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg/clip Development

    Hi Skint, Thank you for following the development from the begining. In the begining i was concentrating alot on the aesthetics of the item, but I have come to the conclusion that a one piece peg must have a long shallow opening to be able to grip the line and clothes securely. The ball design is very cool but simply doesnt work, and if it could work it would be a completely different shape. haha. M.
  23. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg/clip Development

    Hi Jay, the pegs have developed due to testing and not aesthetics. there are so many completely different styles as i wanted to get a better understanding of gripping the clothes and ergonomics. Out of all the designs the final design grips the clothes the best. There has also been alot of consideration taken in the design for manufacture also, the latest design is only 2 faces so will not require any slides in the mould. thanks for the comments. M.
  24. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Hanger Project

    Im working on products for manufacture and i have been doing a few coat hanger designs in Solidworks. Please leave feedback etc. No renderings as of yet. just need to decide on which design to develop furture. ;+> let me know what u all think. Thanks
  25. Mark Marzouk

    Car Rendering

    love the first set of sketchbook renderings. im just getting started with it, hope i can get as good as you. keep up the good work M.

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