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  1. Hi all, i have imported an STL file into Solidworks which i made in 3DS Max. The import is successful and there are no problems. I then save the file as a solidworks file. Then i try to render it, the part goes invisible.... does anybody know what i need to do to render an imported STL file in Solidworks? i am using version 2009. also everytime i try to open the solidworks file in Photoview it just crashes. I hope somebody out there know how to overcome this issue. Thanx. Mark
  2. Hi all, I am interested in designing some housewares products in the same or similar materials to this koziol item. i thought that it might be Acrylic or Polystyrene. im not sure but the aesthetic properties are really amazing. any help would be appreciated, Thanx. M also check our my current products too. www.mdesignegy.com
  3. Mark Marzouk

    1 Computer Or 2?

    I understand your issue completely. i have the same situation as you but im not using mac. i move between offices and work from my hp xw9400 workstation at home office and my thinkpad laptop at my other office. i need to access the same files on both computers so what i did was keep all my files on an external hard disk and simply move between machines. i cant find any other solution right now and im always worried about losing my hard drive, i backup every week onto my workstation though. for you with your mac laptop i would go for something like VM Fusion but u wont get the full power of your laptop. and dual boot would be a headache. best solution, get a windows laptop so u dont have any issues with software. it will be worth it in the end. im looking at the HP elitebook right now. Let us know how it goes anyway. M.
  4. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks On Windows 7

    Thank you for your feedback KQD. i wanted to ask...is Solidworks Realview working on your Macbook? im thinking to get an HP Elite Laptop 17" with Windows 7 and im worried about what realview is like on laptops. the graphics card i would probably get in the laptop would be a quadro 2700m. so....which mobile graphics cards work with realview in solidworks? and have drivers for windows 7?
  5. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks On Windows 7

    Hi all, Just wanted to ask if anybody had installed solidworks on the new windows 7 yet? Im running solidworks 2009 on vista business 64 and it works really well. im just worried about changing to windows 7 and having problems with the software and graphics card driver. im running a HP XW9400 with a Quadro 3500. post your opinions and experiences here. thanx guys!
  6. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks On Windows 7

    thank you wouter, you info is more than helpful. i just dont to make mistakes when it comes to operating systems as its a headache and can cause alot of down time. thanx again, M.
  7. Mark Marzouk

    Do You Have 5 Mins To Help Me Out?

    hey, i submitted. its working fine now
  8. Mark Marzouk

    4 Seat Single Engine Jet Concept

    hi all, looks great as far as curves and aesthetics go. the round window needs to be changed of course. i would like to see a layout of the aircraft to show how the people are sitting and their positions. i feel like the proportions are no correct and it looks alot bigger than it should be. also my instant reaction to seeing this design was...........how does this aircraft yaw? you should have looked into the basics of flight shouldnt u? anyway, keep up the good work. M.
  9. Mark Marzouk


    the presentation is very cool, the only issue i have is where is all the aid stored? it doesnt look very big. it looks more like a general ATV. looking forward to more shops of this though, again very cool. M.
  10. Mark Marzouk

    Concept Lamp

    hi toto, the design is very interesting. the lighting in the scene need some work but playing with v-ray for a while will get u the results u need. as far as materials are concerned if you are worried about the heat of the lights u can try to handle that issue by using LED lights, or energy saving lights. if you do require standard incandescent lights then you could look into injection moulded polycarbonate. keep up the good work. M.
  11. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Sketches

    just save as illustrator 8 and you will be fine. only issue is that illustrator files when imported tend to have breaks in so you might have to do some adjustments before you can use the sketch for a feature. also from illustrator you can export as dwg and import that into solidworks, these files are alot lighter.
  12. hi KQD, I use the MDX-40 for some of my prototypes. it gives a very accurate and smooth surface finish. you can alter the accuracy depending on how long you want to wait for your part to be finished. the rotating axis is very usefull too. if you check out this posting of mine you can see a part made on the MDX-40 on the second image on the far right. its obvious because there is only half of the peg. the material is ABS i think. the other models in the picture are SLA models. I preferred this process for these models as they are all two faced. the machine is really very fast, the material can be expensive though, depending on the thickness but overall it is very easy to use. what other machines are you looking at? M.x
  13. Mark Marzouk

    M-design Finished Products - Available For Pre-order

    yeh i designed all the products myself. i am now living in egypt, manufacture here and distribute from here. i am looking for sales leads internationally. i will get some good pictures on soon, i have a photographer ready to take the product shots. Thanx, M.
  14. Hi all, thank you for all your feedback on my designs and prototypes in the past on the pegs and hangers i designed. I have now begun production. Check out the images. all the materials that are shown in the images are recycled because they are just the first shots. the mold you can see is of the packaging for the pegs. we began on Saturday and will begin production of the pegs this coming Saturday. i will upload some of the finished products in the coming weeks. we are using 100% virgin PP material so you will be able to see an obvious difference in quality. anyway, like always...feedback is welcome. Also check out my older topics to see the concept work, prototypes etc..... http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=9446&hl= http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=9298&hl= http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=8702&hl= http://www.productdesignforums.com/index.p...ic=8600&hl= Thanx all, Mark M.
  15. Mark Marzouk

    M-design Finished Products - Available For Pre-order

    Hi Siona, Thank you for your comments. We are looking into recycled plastics but there isnt a big market here in egypt for it. we would probably have to import it. Also we want the box to be as transparent as possible because the sleeve clovers the front, top and back of the box. the hanger that i have made isnt in the earlier posts, i designed it after i made that post. the normal cheap hangers are about 40-60 grams in weight, ours are 91grams. the oval cross section which is 18mm helps prevent stretching on the shoulders of the garment. this also helps them to be extremely strong and difficult to break. i will try and post a pic of how durable they actually are. Thank you for your comments again, M.
  16. Mark Marzouk

    M-design Finished Products - Available For Pre-order

    thanx alot skint, yeh we are looking for international distributors etc now. hopefully you will find them in your local supermarket one day! M.
  17. Mark Marzouk

    Zink Pad

    cyrene, very cool work. think you have done well in just a couple of days before the comp. really like the presentations, very fresh and eye catching. well done. M.
  18. Mark Marzouk

    Deltoid Project Car

    hi skakos, i studies product design at huddersfield, BSc. i really like you concept and the 3D work is cool. keep up the good work!
  19. Mark Marzouk

    Living Hinge

    put some pictures on guys so we can advise. M.
  20. Mark Marzouk


    Hi guys, like the design and presentation. i think the main flaw is that the books would get damaged from being skewed all the time. i would recommend making the ends of each of the shelves perpendicular to the shelf. this would keep the books sitting flat.
  21. Mark Marzouk


    I like the design alot, i design and manufacture my own products, i can tell u that using none slip ruber is a bad idea, you need a very clean surface for it to grip well and in a dusty environment it wouldnt work. all the weight is at the back and there is no way it would be able to grip. from the presentation it looks to me like it would be injection moulded. this would be expensive and i would recomment looking at extruded aluminium profiles. i think if you designed it in a way that would make it two parts it would be much better. one part is the main extruded body and then a fixing element like a table lamp. this would allow it to grip tighter and onto many more desk thicknesses. the design is very fresh, as a concept its excellent. take it to the next step...if you need any advise just ask.
  22. Mark Marzouk


    Hi all, My name is Mark Marzouk, i'm 25, i studied product design at huddersfield Uni in the UK. I now live in Cairo. Have 2 new products being manufactured which i have taken from initial sketch to traveling to abroad and having injection molds made. Products will be available for export by summer 09. take a look at my topics to see some of my development process. I'm also looking for distributors internationally if anybody can help. check out my products at M-Design Website comments would be appreciated. Please contact me for sales information at info@mdesignegy.com Thanx. M.
  23. Mark Marzouk

    Tea Light Holder

    I have been designing a number of items for manufacture and this is one of the first concepts. Please leave feedback on the design and the CAD work. Kind regards, M.
  24. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Unwrap

    Hi all, ok...basically what i want to do is emboss a floral vector onto a surface in solidworks. So i need to make a kind of net of the surface, its actually the surface of a coat hanger that i want to wrap a path around. I will make a vector image in illustrator, then use the wrap / scribe feature. But obviously i need to know flat surface of the part to make the image fit it correctly. i hope somebody understand what i want to do. Any help would be much appreciated. M.

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