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  1. Mark Marzouk

    Ceemore Orchid Chair

    aesthetics are really good but it looks very uncomfortable. the think profile on the seat looks like its going to to but alot of pressure on the back of your legs.
  2. Mark Marzouk

    Help With Surface Loft In Sw

    Hi Ronnie, I have faced similar problems many times before. If you upload the file I could take a look for u. Thanx, Mark
  3. Mark Marzouk

    Injection Moulding Therory

    thank you very much Danny. The books are quite expensive but i think it might be worth it!
  4. Hi guys, I have started producing my own products and im currently outsourcing the production. I have been considering opening my own small factory with just one machine to begin with but i have no experience in the injection moulding field so i have been looking for books etc to help me out. does anybody know of any useful books on injection moulding? Thanx. Mark.
  5. Mark Marzouk

    Surface Sweet Problem Sw 2010

    Thanx alot solidworm. i actually did the same type of thing u did before u posted the file. the only difference i made is using the extent surface feature. Thanx for your support guys. Mark.
  6. Hi guys, if you could help with this small problem it would be much appreciated. take a look and see what u think. iv attached the file so u can get a better understanding. the problem is when i offset the surface or thicken the surface i get bad outcomes. Thanx, Mark Salad_Servers_005.zip
  7. Mark Marzouk

    Surface Sweet Problem Sw 2010

    hi kim, yeh i tried to offset the surface but when i do the surface is broken and appears to have cracks in it.
  8. Mark Marzouk

    Parting Line Issue In Solidworks

    Hi, i am using the top plane as you can see in the first image highlighted in pink. the parting line works fine on all the other surfaces but seems to split that one surface wrong. do you think its something to do with the draft angle on the cut extrude? i might give it a try but i have a feeling it wont made a difference. Thanx, Mark.
  9. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Appearances

    Thanx guys, Karl, what u said is what i expected to do. its just a long process for something so simple but i understand how solidworks works so im not suprised. Thanx again, Mark
  10. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Appearances

    Hi Guys, I have a single part (a tray) and have made a stack of them as an assembly. i open the assembly and apply a material....all the trays become one colour. is there a way of making each part a different colour? or do i have to rename the same file and make a new assembly so photoview would be able to colour them differently? Thank, Mark M.
  11. Thank you KQD, the design process is one thing but manufacturing is completely different. from material selection, packaging, barcodes, colours, printed items; its a very long and tiring process when u are alone! haha. yeh i want a software than can advise me if i need to be have a thicker section for example so get a more stable product. but actually the most important part for me is the mold flow software because as you can see with the hanger unexpected things can happen. I am still new on the market so sales are slow of course so i cant have large expenses even when designing new products. i think on the hanger i will modify the cooling channels if i make a new mould. my toolmaker does not offer a moldflow service so i might contact lyondellBasell and see if they can offer me a service as i use their materials. i know what u mean about people thinking that products just pop out of the mold so easily, things are not so easy. I manufacture in Egypt and i can even see the difference in warp from when a product is made in winter and summer. because obviously in the summer the cooling isnt as easy! anyway, thank you again. Mark M.
  12. Hi all, Im modelling a tray in Solidworks 2010 and i have been thinking about the thickness of the plastic while designing it. The design is very simple but when i run a simulation and apply PP material to it i get undesired results. I have measured the thickness of an existing tray and its generally about 2.5 - 3mm in Polystyrene. When i place 2kg in the centre of the try it bends alot which is very strange. I want to make the tray from PP, but my question is....when i apply the PP material to my part in Solidworks....which melt flow is it? like a melt flow index of 20 for example is very flexible, and 6 would be very stiff. so is there a way to find out what melt flow index Solidworks uses by default? and can i make my own list of specific plastics? and where do i get all the specific information about the plastic grade from? Hope somebody can help, :confused1:
  13. KQD, thanx alot for the info, i will look into NEI and see if it would be good for me. if you look at my website - www.mdesignegy.com you will see my products are only houseware items. the peg was quite a large project though. the hanger is very simple, but when i designed it, it wasnt supposed to be curved at the bottom. this is why i want to get a mold flow simulation software, so i can see such outcomes before i invest. do you know how much it would cost if i had an engineering company do a moldflow analysis and a FEA simulation? this is something i feel i really need to do with my new products so i dont have similar issues like i did with the hanger. im going to start designing trays, plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and possibly another hanger. my products are becoming very successful in Egypt and im looking for export now but im really worried about the final outcome of the product. Thank you again for listening and helping, Mark M.
  14. hi, i have looked at the solidworks partners and contacted comsol and simpoe for prices etc. do you know the costs of these packages? the website is really good for material facts too. thank you for your help mate, Mark M.
  15. Hi Aletsix, Yeh id like to simulate the flow of plastic in the cavity so i have an understanding of how the part will be finally in real life. Do you know the cost of moldflow? like I said im just starting up so i need something cost effective for me. Yeh i need something like cosmos too, I am currently using Solidworks simulation but im getting very strange results which are not helping me. Thanx, Mark
  16. Hi KQD, thanx for your reply. i am using the simulation package that comes with Solidworks Premium. I am a plastics designer and manufacturer so what i really need is some type of simulation package which is easy to use and very affordable. also a flow package so i can see how my product will look after injection moulding so i can modify the design accordingly before i produce moulds. Do you know any software packages which would fit my needs? I have been looking at a package from Vero, called VISI Flow. but its about $18000. I need something a lot cheaper as I am only currently manufacturing two products and my company is very small. but like you said i need something non-linear because I am using mainly PP. are there any good simulation packages out there that are cheap and useful for me? Thanx again...
  17. Mark Marzouk

    Audi 2-seater Commuter Car

    Yeh i love the render. like matt said the perspective is a bit confusing but its still a great design and presentation!
  18. Mark Marzouk


  19. hypershot will now be called KeyShot.... www.luxion.com
  20. Hi all, im having problems with a loft in solidworks 2009. check out the attachment, if anybody could help it would be very appreciated. Thanx fork.zip
  21. Mark Marzouk

    Loft Problem In Solidworks

    Hi Bildder, thank you for your help. i didnt get round to doing it until now. i made it will a boundary surface which was much simpler. looks good but i always have problems with making surfaces solid. do u know the best way to make surfaces solids? Thank you again. Mark
  22. Mark Marzouk

    Rendering For Fun

    very nice!
  23. Mark Marzouk

    Simple Bracelet Modeling

    Thanx alot Ragde! I dont do much surface modelling and its my weak point to be honest. sometimes i feel i need to use surfaces when i want to design a product but i find it very difficult. if you have anymore surfacing tutorials that would be really great for me. thank you again, Mark
  24. Mark Marzouk

    Simple Bracelet Modeling

    thank you Ragde! great tutorial.
  25. Mark Marzouk

    Project 2100

    really love the concept. the curves and surfaces are very elegant. keep up the good work!

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