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  1. Mark Marzouk

    Clothes Peg

    Hey guys, this is the first product designed by M-Design that will be going into manufacture in the next couple of months. Let us know what you think... M.
  2. new products in stores in egypt.

  3. Mark Marzouk

    Parting Line Issue In Solidworks

    Guys, its been a while since iv been on. I did eventually work out the problem and started production of the product just last week. Thaks alot, Mark M.
  4. Hi guys, Iv been facing a little problem in Solidworks. When im creating a parting line on a tray handle im designing im getting a straight edge which is giving me a problem with my shut-off face. Check out the images and see what you think im doing wrong. thank you, Mark
  5. Production of Eden Collection PP Plates begins 2moro!! FINALLY! I feel like uploading some process pictures so people here can see what I do :)

    1. admin


      Nice work. Fresh and stylish plates!

    2. Mark Marzouk

      Mark Marzouk

      Thanks alot Waikit. :)

  6. new products coming soon...manufacturing starts this weekend!!

  7. New products coming very soon!!

  8. Mark Marzouk

    Portable Workstations

    My assemblies aren't really complex but some of my parts are very detailed so they make my current laptop pretty much unusable. Also the price difference between a 15 and 17 inch model isnt too big so i might just have to get the 17inch to feel really comfortable about the graphics card etc. I dont travel too much so im not worried about the weight too much. also most work will be done at the desk and sometimes outside. I was looking at the dell models but they seem to get really bad reviews which are actually posted on the dell website. while looking at reviews im pushed towards the lenovo 7510 and 701, and Hp 8540w and 8740w.
  9. Mark Marzouk

    Portable Workstations

    Hi All, I have been considering buying a mobile workstation. My budget is around $3500. I have been looking at the Dell M6500, Thinkpad W701 and HP 8740W. If anybody has any suggestions about these models please let me know as I want to get best value for money and a laptop that has the best build quality. Thanks, Mark M.
  10. Mark Marzouk

    Portable Workstations

    Thanx for the advise Cyberdemon. I am a Solidworks user, mainly modeling and some basic rendering using 360. I also use Photoshop and Illustrator. I am currently using a quad core hp workstation at home. Im looking for a laptop which isnt going to crash when i am making complex parts and assemblies. Im looking to sell my workstation and use a laptop for everyting. I would definately get a 24" screen for working at home. I was just looking at the Thinkpad W501, its screen has a resolution of 1900x1080. At the moment I feel its the best laptop for me. it has a Quadro FX 880M. do you think this is is adequate for Solidworks? I was only really looking at the W701 because it has the 2800 card which I would be more comfortable with. Thanx, Mark.
  11. Mark Marzouk

    Portable Workstations

    I am currently running an Thinkpad X61 Tablet which is impossible to use with Solidworks but is extremely well built and is pushing me towards the W701. The dell works out the cheapest, the HP doesnt seem to be very configurable for some reason. Also even before deciding on a brand to go with im still undecided about the screen size, i like the idea of a 17inch but im worried its going to be too big to carry. the screen side is going to benefit me alot though.
  12. Mark Marzouk

    Miss Courant D'air

    hey, cool design concept. i think that a gust of wind will send you off balance very easily with the large surface area of the bike frame. have a think about how t use less material. Thanks, M.
  13. Mark Marzouk

    Suv Concept For 9 Studio

    Cool work. I dont think there is something missing on your 3/4, i think that your centre line is positioned a bit wrong. Keep up the good work. M.
  14. Mark Marzouk

    Solidworks Lame Interface

    all down to graphics card. you will need an fx quadro card like cyberdemon said. look at dell and hp workstations.
  15. Mark Marzouk

    Pagani Zonda Mysta

    yeh very cool design throughout. the 3/4 view makes it look really great. keep up the good work. M.
  16. Mark Marzouk

    Multi Tool

    nice design. renderings are cool too. try to use my perspective to give a more realistic look. M.
  17. Mark Marzouk


    Love the snake, can imagine some really cool 3d work coming from that!
  18. Mark Marzouk

    Safety Symbols For Plastic

    im pretty shocked nobody has an answer to this.... all the plates, boxes, cutlery, etc... have these symbols! iv had to draw my own version of them which took some time. if anybody out there knows where these resources are available it would be a great help for alot of people. Thanx Mark.
  19. Mark Marzouk

    Safety Symbols For Plastic

    Hi all, i have been looking for the safety symbols you find on the bottom of plastic plates, food containers etc. Does anybody know where i can find them in dwg format or vector? I am preparing a set of plates for production and need to place these symbols. the only thing i can find is this below. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx, Mark
  20. Mark Marzouk

    Modeling Question

    I design plastic parts and manufacture them, I agree with cyberdemon. this needs to be modelled in Pro/E, Solidworks, Inventor etc. for your tool maker. If you leave it upto the tool maker to remodel it then it might not be exactly the same as your original design so look out for that. Also do some draft analysis to make sure all those bumps you have on the surface will release ok in a 2 face blow mold. Oh...love the design too. keep up the good work! Mark M.
  21. Mark Marzouk

    Mobile Workstation

    Hi all, I am looking for a mobile workstation myself and have been looking at the new HP 8740 Elitebook, any thoughts on that? should i point myself towards a dell? The price for the dell machines is higher but when looking for a mobile workstation it has to be a good selection as they are expensive! so dell or hp? also will the nvidia 2800 card work with realview on solidworks? I use solidworks and photoworks pretty much all the time. its a shame solidworks wont work with quad core processor isnt it! looks like i will be looking at the i7 dual core. Mark.
  22. Mark Marzouk

    Help With Surface Loft In Sw

    Hi Ronnie, I have attached my attempt. its quite tricky because the loft goes from simple to compex but its not too bad. Mark. example.zip

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