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  2. Mark Marzouk

    Alpha Bottle

    Thanks a lot guys. Streamliner - we decided not to attach the cap as they sometimes break off and dangle around annoyingly. People don't lose caps off bottles of water etc. so I don't think it is a big deal.
  3. Mark Marzouk

    Alpha Bottle

    Hi All, Its been a while since i have been on here, I have missed it actually I have been really busy with a lot of different projects. I wanted share my latest project with you, the Alpha Bottle. www.alphabottle.com I have just launched it on to Kickstarter to get some help with funding the project. We will be going into production either way, but it is a very exciting way to introduce the product to people. Please check out the Kickstarter page and feel free to donate https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marzouk/alpha-bottle Hope you like guys. Feedback is appreciated as usual
  4. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    Thanks a lot
  5. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    Hi Dabi, Thank you for the compliment. I have heard of Guzzini, the designs are really elegant. I was thinking about doing pastel colours actually.
  6. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    There you go guys! Sorry about the image quality but I dont know how to upload images so its a link from our facebook page www.facebook.com/mdesignegypt
  7. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    A few shots of the new product samples. Just got back from China and a successful testing session. )
  8. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    I will post photos of the very first samples of the products this week.
  9. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    Hi, Me again!. How long have you been doing this?, I mean, Designing and producing your own things? As I said before, I just started a year and a half ago to create a product and I've been involved in every aspect (from concept design to manufacturing), right now I had a lot of issues with the mould, I had to change the design a lot in order to be injectable. I hope you do well, regards, Hi, hope is well. I have been doing this for about 4 years. I posted some of my very first designs on this forum. A clothes peg and a hanger. they have not been in production for 4 years. I studied product design in university and I have been mainly self taught about designing products for injection moulding. It would be good to see your designs.
  10. Mark Marzouk

    Measuring Scale Of A Jug

    Ok, so I did it. What I did is: Offset the surface of the jug and made it a solid body that was 10 cups in mass Sliced the solid one cup's volume at a time Found the overall length of the profile curve and divided it up. This took me quite some time as every slice had a different cutting height as you can see in the image. it was a pain in the ass but its done now and my mould maker can handle the rest
  11. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    First shots of the cutlery moulds, check out the blog post. http://www.mdesignegy.com/blog/design-process/46-cutlery-development-knife-fork-spoon
  12. Mark Marzouk

    Measuring Scale Of A Jug

    Thanks Streamline, the links worked fine and were helpful. I am actually looking for the graphic itself to wrap onto the surface. I might just have to draw it manually. my mixing jug hold 2.3L which is 10 US Cups. ill keep u updated anyway
  13. Hi all, I am about to produce a new mixing jug product and I am struggling to calculate the measuring increments in liters and cups. Anyone know where I can find one of these scales and how I can apply it to my design. my measuring jug is show in this post. http://www.productdesignforums.com/topic/13935-new-products/
  14. Mark Marzouk

    New Products :)

    Hi Streamliner, It is a lot of work handling every stage of design and manufacturing but I do enjoy it. All the above products are PP. Melt flows will be decided upon trials when I go to China next month. I have learned a lot over the past few years in regard to design and manufacturing, I understand what you are saying about the forms and there not being a strong theme with the new products. The real reason is that I have had so many problems with manufacturing issues that I wanted to keep designs simple and functional. The colander and mixing jug are in the same collection and will be packaged the same, but I wanted a square colander so it would be larger and unique on the market....and I didn't want a squared mixing jug as it simply wouldn't work well. Designs are simple with a lot of thought put into wall thickness and moldability. You are right about the mixing jug having a measure etched on the inside, I wanted to add this but to be honest I didn't know how to calculate it as the shape is not regular. Also the handle of the mixing jug isn't as serious as it might look. I have used jugs with handles like this before and they work fine.
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