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  1. Hi,


    thanks for taking the time to post something.

    yea your right, the diamonds are lacking luster. I mainly use Hypershot for rendering but it has limited settings.

    i think that the more models i do and the more confident im geting i should practice different rendering programs and tut's on making my models photorealistc.


    again thanks for feedback,

  2. Hay, im back again.


    finaly got round to rendering my wii remote model. yes is a common model to make but i put as much detail into the thing as i could apart from the circut board which i do tend to make tho. (wonders when tho)


    anyway, the model was made using messurements froma real Wii remote and created in Cobalt V.8

    the model was renderd using Hypershot v. 1.9






  3. Hay,


    I got my Universty results today and its offical. I recieved :


    "BA Design & Communication with Honors, - (Second class Upper division) (2:1)"


    - - -


    UK Grading layout below.



    * First class honours (1st)

    * Second class honours, divided into:

    o Upper division, or upper second (2:1)

    o Lower division, or lower second (2:2)

    * Third class honours (3rd)

  4. Hay guys,


    i live in Ireland UK, and i dont use white pencel hardley every when sketching or render.

    but i really want to start for highlights etc.


    problem is, ive tried lots and they pencil itself does not seem to be made of a good material and is prity Useless.

    i have even tried Pastel Pencils, but this gives a chalk dust on the drawing, similar with oil pastels.


    If tried Cyrola white pencil, but it doesnt even layer at all and wont even apply over certain sketches.



    am i right in thinking a Prisma white pencil is best ?


    what pencil is best for highlights, one thats good at building layer etc

  5. Very Funkey yet, confusing design.


    the topic reads "Concept Sports Cruiser Boat" yet the design looks Plump, fatish, stubby, and top heavey.

    characteristics of being any thing but a sports cruiser. come to think of it, the form looks like a beached whale head.


    should look at faster slimline forms like Sharks head or Dolphin. Also perhaps look at the Soles of Running shoes. as your top view drawings remind me of them. which is on the right track.


    On your 2nd image on the far right. it looks pointed more slimline, Fast, SPorty. follows the form of a running shoe, i think thats good refference work with that one.


    for your 3rd image, the sketch designs closer to the left hand side look more sporty, but as you progressed to the right, they become taller, fatter etc. more like a Tug Boat. Also in that 3rd image is the main large image, i think you sadi this boat might not work in real life, well i think its due to the way it sits in the water. you talked about most boats are 1/4 in the water, whats the reason behind that. when the boat is at max speed, it will sit higher in the watter like a speed boat, ridding on the plane. also the incline at the front of the boat makes it look like the boat will quickley topple over and sink.


    I love the design, i just think it needs a few Tweeks and it will be awsome.

    sketch up a few more and compare the two.

  6. Good to hear got you an award to pursue it further. Here are some issues that I think you'll run into:


    Where does the fire come from? No place for propane and it doesn't look like it's set up to burn wood.


    Plants above flame? I'm not sure if you'll keep these alive for long.


    Power source?


    Hibachi dinners every night? Is there a way to adjust heat? I'm sure if I'm up for hibachi style cooking every night.


    I think the idea is good but refinement is needed. Iron out the kinks and you could do very well for yourself.



    Thanks very much.


    yes during the project there were a number of probelms to what you have talked about, i talked about how a may solve them in my project report and that i would address them if i were to progress the table further.

    there are 4 Gas burners along with the Grill, i hoped that would solve the problem of just grill. so pots could be set on the burners etc. Buyers would need a seprate oven tho, theres alot that id love to solve, and i may get that oppertunity.

    gas and electicity were to be fed up through the hollow legs, but as they are clear glass, i thought it would wreack the flow of the design. as i wanted the core to be floating etc.


    anyway thank you for your comments.

  7. Hay,


    just want to let people know, i got confirmation today that my "Final major project" - 'design a tool, appliance, or furniture to help aid social interaction between family members in kitchen'


    name of product "corebachi"


    it has won price in "HEIF" award. (Higher Education Inovation Funding)

    Inovation Generation Awards 2009 / 2010


    i will recieve cash price of £500 and also there will be support to develop the product further and be entered into further competitions like, 25K buisness award etc.


    email responce i got is below...




    The Innovation Generation Awards demonstrated a high level of innovation this year. I am delighted on behalf of the Faculty of Arts Academic Enterprise Committee to inform you that you were successful. However the panel found it difficult to agree on a single winner. The average marks from the panel for each of the top three applicants were so close and agreement could not be achieved for an overall winner. It was decided that there would be three joint winners

    We will also discuss possibilities of assisting you in taking your idea forward for additional funding.



  8. Your renders look pretty good. Was this a rendering exercise or a design project?


    Final major design project for University.


    i designed a Hibachi style table to "Help aid social interaction with family members in the kitchen"


    if you go back a page theres some design boards that explains a bit about the product.

  9. Hay,


    I havent been around here much, cause ive been finishing up my Final year of Universtiy

    i handed in my final major project on the 17th May 2010. I now just have to wait for results.

    i expect to leave with a "Batchelor of Arts second class honors degree in "design communication" Upper devision"


    Basiclay a 2.1 (UK grading system) the highest i can acived would have been a 1st.

    Heres a Scale for anyone not from the UK.


    A = 1st

    B+ = 2.1

    B = 2.2

    C = 3rd

    D = no pass


    any way below are some scaled down images of my final work. there was a Final animation as well.






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