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  1. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Hi, Everythings looking all new and stuff. Anyway just quick post to say hi again after having to re-register. Regards, Scorpio.tn1 www.markkeenan-design.co.uk
  2. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Trying out Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011, ive never used the program before but i really enjoy it. Defo worth geting works great with my wacom bamboo
  3. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to post something. yea your right, the diamonds are lacking luster. I mainly use Hypershot for rendering but it has limited settings. i think that the more models i do and the more confident im geting i should practice different rendering programs and tut's on making my models photorealistc. again thanks for feedback,
  4. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Continued work on the Ring, still need to model the clasp, and then fine tune. Also on a side note, please leave comments one the stuff im uploading. if you like it or disslike it ... anything. cheers
  5. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

  6. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Still working on this one.
  7. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    top render with decals.
  8. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    adding in the Decals today, its allready looking far better with the logos and numbers and letters on the buttons. pics with updated logos in place coming soon
  9. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    explode view
  10. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Hay, im back again. finaly got round to rendering my wii remote model. yes is a common model to make but i put as much detail into the thing as i could apart from the circut board which i do tend to make tho. (wonders when tho) anyway, the model was made using messurements froma real Wii remote and created in Cobalt V.8 the model was renderd using Hypershot v. 1.9 enjoy
  11. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    hahah thats funny.
  12. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Hay, I got my Universty results today and its offical. I recieved : "BA Design & Communication with Honors, - (Second class Upper division) (2:1)" - - - UK Grading layout below. * First class honours (1st) * Second class honours, divided into: o Upper division, or upper second (2:1) o Lower division, or lower second (2:2) * Third class honours (3rd)
  13. scorpio.tn1

    What White Pencil, To Use ?

    yea thats the problem i have, any white pencil i have used, never completly Coverd what was below it. so apart from using white paint or Tip-ex, but then if you do that, you get that dreded .. Bird poop effect. like you left your sketch work out and bird @#$@#$ all over it.
  14. Hay guys, i live in Ireland UK, and i dont use white pencel hardley every when sketching or render. but i really want to start for highlights etc. problem is, ive tried lots and they pencil itself does not seem to be made of a good material and is prity Useless. i have even tried Pastel Pencils, but this gives a chalk dust on the drawing, similar with oil pastels. If tried Cyrola white pencil, but it doesnt even layer at all and wont even apply over certain sketches. am i right in thinking a Prisma white pencil is best ? what pencil is best for highlights, one thats good at building layer etc
  15. scorpio.tn1

    Scorpio.tn1 Work

    Hay, just a little teaser of what ive been modeling in 3D. its nearly finished then i can apply the graphics and get some good renders on the go.

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