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    Brendan got a reaction from Cristhian in Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!   
    Agree with all the above - perhaps too much text. I know from my own experience that you have so much information that you feel needs to be added to the portfolio to do justice to your efforts - but unfortunately it makes it even harder to communicate your ideas..... its good to keep people guessing and wanting to find out more about the detail!!
    I'd like to say, I really like your work! ideas are very well considered. the Ironing board solution is for some reason one of my favourite. I think it's because, the traditional ironing board is so well established and so has hardly been challenged from a design point of view. Furthermore they're fairly ugly and tend to be locked away in cupboards and so turning it into a feature is very novel!
    It makes me want to wander around my house with a sketch pad looking for domestic items/utilities that could be redesigned to also become a feature of the interior
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    Brendan got a reaction from admin in Shower   
    Sounds simple yet effective enough.
    what makes this different from outdoor camping showers readily available on the market?? (link below)
    outdoor camping showers
    Some further thought on the idea
    - material. what type of plastic? might be worth looking at the camalbak website and see if you can find out what plastic they use for their water containers, mainly because water of course will harbour harmful bacteria especially in heat so they may have some nifty additives for their plastic containers to reduce this build up.
    ..... thats all i can think of for now.... keep it going.

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