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  1. Hello all. I'd like to get peoples views on the importance of Function in product design, and whether people believe in function over form, or vice versa. I've set up a poll in which I'd like to measure peoples opinions. Please also discuss on the topic itself, especially if you feel that perhaps these statements are too subjective to the product, or industry to be taken as gospel. Remember, we define Function as what something does, or must do ( verb + noun, so no adjectives ), and Form can be described as shape, and aesthetics. So..... Does form follow Function? - or - Does function follow Form? Let's go! Bren
  2. Brendan

    Getting Wet!

    Fantastic communication of the design idea! I like the specification whereby you've already suggested the specific plastic to be used. This could be deemed to be too early in the development, but on one hand it does show that the choice of material is integral to the design and how it will develop (almost as though the brief was surrounding HDPE) I'm not going to comment on the product idea itself just yet without further research into it to compare, but as I said the way you've communicated the design idea is very good. Can I just ask what tools you use? Alias? Photoshop? Bren
  3. Brendan

    Blow Me!

    I wonder if we're all being sucked into what is essentially an artistic impression of a "what if" product. the "what if" being, "What if the laws of physics in the universe were different". This product would look great as a concept vehicle in a movie, or a video game etc, but I could never see it working as a commercial road worthy product. I'm speaking as a Product Design Engineer (what I like to call myself), as I feel that title allows me to claim my seat on the fence. One one side I see the conceptual industrial design creations, and on the other side see the "will this actually work" mechanical design solutions. Both equally important and it's also important to understand that both these aspects aren't isolated.
  4. Brendan

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    Thanks Cristhian, I sometimes feel that the portfolio itself is as challenging as a design project in that you need to develop it to a specification much like a designed product. You're heading in the right direction when you say that you wish to showcase your workflow rather than showing product concepts. After all the portfolio is a tool to help sell you, not a sales pitch for your products. Good luck - I'm sure you'll do fine!
  5. Brendan

    Business Idea

    You want to learn how us designers think? Well look inwards on how you think. We're all problem solving human beings, I suppose its just designers choose to do so via engineering a product solution! The only thing which really differentiates us I feel, is that we utilise the skills we have acquired and continue to learn to find this solution.
  6. Brendan

    Please Help Me To Improve My Portfolio!

    Agree with all the above - perhaps too much text. I know from my own experience that you have so much information that you feel needs to be added to the portfolio to do justice to your efforts - but unfortunately it makes it even harder to communicate your ideas..... its good to keep people guessing and wanting to find out more about the detail!! I'd like to say, I really like your work! ideas are very well considered. the Ironing board solution is for some reason one of my favourite. I think it's because, the traditional ironing board is so well established and so has hardly been challenged from a design point of view. Furthermore they're fairly ugly and tend to be locked away in cupboards and so turning it into a feature is very novel! It makes me want to wander around my house with a sketch pad looking for domestic items/utilities that could be redesigned to also become a feature of the interior B
  7. Hello all, I've been working now as a "design engineer" for 5 and a bit years and have found myself veering further towards mechanical design engineering, working mainly with steel and aluminium. I'd like to try and dabble in some electronics/electro mechanics and also plastics and was wondering if anyone out there could give me a few pointers and advise me on a suitable path. Ideally id like to avoid a full blown study in the subject but I understand it's not as simple as looking out for a company and asking them to take a chance. I'd prefer learning myself - ie. buying myself a book & some hobby kits etc. Any thoughts are welcome! thanks bren
  8. Brendan

    Business Idea

    Fair play for asking the question, but if I or anyone had a low budget business idea I felt worth mentioning it, I wouldn't mention it!....(if you see where I'm going)
  9. M25...... YOU SUCK!

  10. First works Xmas do - survived! Second works Xmas do - awaiting outcome! Lets be having you, ITAB!

  11. Anyone in need of an Iphone 3gs 16gb?? been used by one very careful (and rather nice) owner for 2 years - unlocked for any network - inbox me if interested..... I do you good price boss! GOOD PRICE!!!

  12. is suffering from moustache withdrawal symptoms!!............... suffering bad..........SUPERBAAAAAAAAYAD!!

  13. Brendan

    Blow Me!

    Fantastic renderings. Do you think it would fit in with the dyson brand? I cant see it personally but as a concept it could work. Do you really think dyson would approve of the styling? colour scheme? analyse their portfolio and their design ethos - it's more about providing simple design solutions to everyday problems. I don't see what problem this design solves. Dyson tend to address the consumer electronics market (vacuums, fans, hand-dryers) where as this is a motorbike - doesn't quite fit in the crowd. Then again apple used to make computers and not phones - and look where they are in the market now! The concept of using air to power the vehicle is quite interesting and worth investigating. Weather it's more efficient then a motor, i dont know, but you can definitely argue that its less maintenance as there are less mechanical parts (similar to why air driven tools are better then electric driven tools). Also bear in mind that road vehicles are almost totally driven by standards, which almost dictate how they function and how they interact with the road and other road users - and quite rightly so! From an industrial design view - very nice idea indeed and a fantastic concept visual. From a mechanical design view - total engineering nightmare!.........but then that's part of the fun I suppose! good work! bren
  14. Was sat in the pilot seat of an airbus a340 today!........not much different to the controls in my saxo really

  15. i do! but im wondering if you've found the answer by now (has been a while) let me know! i got loads of experience here....innit!!

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