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  1. One thirteen hour day over and done with, with fantastic results!

  2. It's well too early to be in college

  3. Marketing case studies can go and shite! What a pure waste of my time

  4. It seems the roads into dunny are closed because of some crash, anybody know what the buzz with this is? Somebody died apparently

  5. Got a sudden urge for bbq ribs! Dam my own imagination for teasing me!

  6. Ah my arch nemesis the spins, we meet again!

  7. Pre-Paddys day drinks? Does the Pope @#$@#$ in the woods?

  8. Its too early to be in college!

  9. She didn't get those knees from praying!

  10. That was some session! In a hoop this morning!

  11. Jaysus lads, its pancake Tuesday tomorrow! Can't believe its a year already! soon it will be really deep fryday again!

  12. "No madam, we at the FBI do not have a sense of humour we are aware of" - K, Men in Black

  13. Killing two naggins with a shoulder, sound!

  14. Real time bus stop information stands being installed in Dunshaughlin, Blanch and Trim, apparently they are to be operational by the summer


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