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  1. Hi Jack, Thank you for your reply. Well,I think you have misunderstood my meaning. We are specialized in making prototypes,we can handle prototypes by CNC/SLA/SLS/Vacuum Casting.. If you have any need of prototypes,please do not hesitate to contact me. Lantystar@gyrmodel.com 13510832423
  2. Lanty

    Face To Face Deckchair

    Hi Mr Mohammad R Shojaie, This is Lanty,I have learnd a lot of your works,it seems very impressive and nice. May I have some idea about your presant project? We are one of the prototypes manufcuturers in China,if you are interested,please send a reply to my e-mail address:lantystar@gyrmodel.com www.gyrmmodel.com
  3. 你好Jack, 我是Lanty, 我们公司也有真空复膜这个工艺,的确它可以节省很多的成本和时间而达到同样的质量要求。 希望以后会有跟多的交流。 谢谢
  4. Hello, This is Lanty from China. About material,you meaned the material to make a industrial product?(rapid prototype?) We are a prototype manufacturer,and we always make that in ABS,PP,PC... See the attachment,we have done in ABS.
  5. Lanty

    Thesis Project | Plus One Auto

    Impressive! I'm sorry I'm not a designer,but I have make a lot of design ideas info real products. Hope with more communications Thank you Lanty
  6. Lanty

    My Project Almost Done!

    Wo the design seems very great! I wonder have you put them into production or do some prototypes for test?
  7. I think ABS with CNC would be the best choice,our company is specializing in making prototypes or models for more than 10 years.
  8. Your works were very cool,but why not make prototypes by CNC which may be much effective and accurate.
  9. Lanty

    Dyson Models

    Hand chopper needs to be renamed. Nice models did you vac form the translucent parts? looks good,do you make the prototype yourslf? I think the model is excellent. My link
  10. Lanty

    Laptop Design

    hi,guys I'm working for shenzhen industrial man,and if you need prototype to test your design just contact me ...
  11. Lanty


    hello,I'd like to know that is there anyone who needs prototype services...

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