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    Questions For Any Cad/fea Modellers

    As Cyberdemon said FEA is almost always done by engineers, mostly mechnical (but not always), however FEA is many times a full blown position, it requires significant experience and knowledge. Usually there are consultancy firms that do FEA analysis for others. Unexperienced people also do FEA but the results may not be reliable, depending on the analysis, and the user may not even understand that the results are faulty. FEA is a very broad field in itself, you may need to specialize in one of them. Expert level FEA analiysts modify the code to make the software do what they want. MAny people think FEA as a continuation of CAD but it is not so, however big companies that sell FEA software wants us to think that FEA is autoatically done after we have done the CAD drawings, so that they can sell more. For instance one of my friends work as a CFD analyst, and just meshing the job takes weeks or months. FEA is a great field, very promising, and will be even better in the future. If you becaome good at your field you can become a very sought after person.
  2. I have found some design/architecture oriented usage of topology optimization: link 1 link 2
  3. PreDesign

    New To Welding

    It is not of great importance to know the geometric type of the welding. What matters is the actual welding process. So if it is MIG or TIG (called GMAW , GTAW now) or oxyacetylene or resistance welding, laser welding etc. is important. And the type of materails you use is important there. You can sure weld two steel pipes. The type of steel will determine the exact process, and the importance of the structure is important too. So you can use oxyacetylene welding for normal carbon steels, but cannot weld stainless steel or aluminium with it. GTAW can weld almost anything.
  4. hello wish make friend with you ok??

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  5. PreDesign

    Advice Please

    It seems they can be die cast, but maybe with a few changes. Better contact a foundry.
  6. PreDesign

    Headphone Production

    I don't know about most of the things you ask but CNC machining (probably lathe, not milling) of the cans would be cheap. Unlike CNC milling, CNC lathe is used in many common mass products. I once wanted to have some CNC made Titanium bolts and the cost was probably around 0.5 to 1 dollars per piece, and that is titanium, aluminum would be cheaper. My friend has a factory and they make CNC lathe parts for automotive industry and it is inexpensive. By the way titanium bolts were 3 mm in diameter and were cheap when you order 10 000 or so. If you want a few they may not even listen to you or charge some big money (actually they need to do so) but there are always some good people wanting to help, especially if you are a student. Another alternative could be Rapid prototyping, if your parts are small (obviously yours are)and you need some variations it is ideal.Again I wanted a titanium part (well I like titanium )roughly 100mm x 3 mm x 20 mm and it costed around 180 €. There is a website quickparts that gives online instant quotes but for polymer based RP. But I think that will work for your prototypes. Just upload a stl. file or similar. About optimization, if you tell what kind of a optimization you need I may be able to help.
  7. PreDesign

    Universal Remote Controller

    It is a intersting web site. They have many many products. I like the remote control, but don't know about ergonomics of it. They have one product Submersible Tablet, it has apple logo, and says will run on windows 7 ????? I am not sure if they are all concepts or all real products, I checked the contacts and they have 6 offices, 4 in USA 2 elswhere. I cannot figure out what is going on.

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