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  1. I am placing dimensions in a SW drawing but the dimensions align however they choose. I try to move them to where I want them but they continously snap back. How do I turn this annoying feature off? Thanks
  2. Hello I hope someone can help me with this technique. I want to create a semitransparent section in a drawing that is similar to the look of underwater when a fish swims thru the light beams from the surface and some parts of the fish are full color and other parts are lighter - transparent thru the light. Any suggestions?
  3. ther than the tutorials on Rod's site are there any PW360 tutorials that I can download for study on a long plane flight?
  4. dbrlogan

    W2011dim Option

    Hi The leaders for radii and hole callouts have a long horizontal line with the dims on top. I need the leader to go short and straight into the dim. I have changed it before but that was once and long ago. What is the option callout to change this? Thanks
  5. dbrlogan

    Loading A Model In Photoview 360

    Just material - sheet steel color - black. I've had weird looks in PW before so I believe it is just lighting and environment. I'll be playing with it today to see what happens as the client chose a design from pencil sketchs so I'm building it up today. Thanks
  6. dbrlogan

    Loading A Model In Photoview 360

    I would open the separate PW360 and then try to import. I have been told that I should not use that but use the PV360 imbeded in SW2011. I have tried that and got something to work with tho my black sheet steel looks very pixilated gray or silver in the PV view window (not main SW window) tho the side sheet metal looks oday. Haven't worked with lighting or anything else too much yet so don't know if that is too bright a direct light or what at khis time.
  7. dbrlogan

    Loading A Model In Photoview 360

    no this is straight 2011. Loaded everything in as is with no changes or modifications. Now I try to used it and nothing which is a problem cause the clients are expecting at least some level of good rendering.
  8. dbrlogan

    Sw2011 Decals

    thanks for the tip about going to the sw site. I still can't get a 2011 model to load into PV360 at all. Just get the scene won't load message and that's it. Do want to learn it as that is something my clients are asking for now. Got a shot at a big job if I can get some good ID ideas and renderings.
  9. Hi I"m trying to work in PV360 but it won't even let me load a model. The model was created in SW2011 and has color and material assigned. I try to open any model - part or assembly - and get a message that scene will not load. I don't want to load a scene I want to load a model to see if I can get any kind of rendering out of this new software. How can you use this software if it won't load the model/ I would rather have the Photoworks back. At least that worked. How do I restore photoworks since PV360 doesn't function?
  10. Hello I have a requirement to do a set of sketches for some new rack mount electronics. Does anyone have a couple of good sites where I can see some excellent examples of equipment packaging to inspire me and get my creative gooing?
  11. dbrlogan

    Sw2011 Decals

    Thanks I have found that it is actually easier to add a decal than I thought. You do have to select the existing decal in the folder and add it to your surface but then you can change the decal to your own jpeg. And you can do it from SW rather than photoworks which helps if you only need the decals.
  12. dbrlogan

    Sw2011 Decals

    thanks for your help
  13. dbrlogan

    Sw2011 Decals

    I just loaded SW2011 so now I am totally hosed. I have two models of rack mounted equipment that I need to add a decal of the front and back. With SW2010 Photoworks I just create a decal or add a jpeg. No problem. In SW2011 there is no instruction on how to now create a decal. There is a message to go to the decal property manager and save something??? as a decal but no info on where the property manager is. There is alot of discussion in help about what a decal is but no info on creating one from a jpeg or how to find one or a jpeg that is not part of the default logo or decal folder. I just want to add decals to a dumb solid. I have done it many times in previous SW Photoworks. Now with SW2011 I have no way of adding, creating or using decals. I had to get this out quickly and with SW2010 it would have already been done. Now I have to email the client and tell him that we can no longer use decals to create images since we have updated to SW2011 and photoworks has been dropped unless someone can quickly tell me how to get around the mess created by SolidWorks. And now that I have to learn how to create photorealistic images and decaling from scratch since photoworks no longer exists and the photowhatever 360 has taken its place - any suggestions on where I can learn to use this new program as I throw out my photoworks books? The client is waiting and expected the work tomorrow. Thanks to Solidworks 2011 the client won't be getting his job. Thanks
  14. dbrlogan

    Adding A File In Solidworks

    THanks but the client has changed how he wants it done. Now it is Use the default Solidworks Data folder for hardware I am sure I have used this I have just never had to call it out.....probably just used it. Where is it? Thanks
  15. I have been asked to create a path in solidworks to add fasteners. The path is c:\solidworks\solidworks parts & tools\solidworks fastener models How do I actually add this file? Where do I start and then how do I enter it? Thanks

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