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  1. Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had issues with sketchbook designer crashing when doing vector lines. I'm able to sketch fine on a paint layer but when i start going over my sketches with vectors it crashes soon after. I've found one other mention of it crashing in another forum and they think it may be due to the high res monitor, I'm running it on a 27" imac.
  2. mitchb

    Trolley Design

    Hi guys thank you for the much more useful feedback As far the bags go yes they would be required to purchase their own bags. Here in Sydney the typically sell for 99c a bag in supermarkets so the customer would be looking at a one of payment of ~$4 for the bags. For the bag packing/unpacking this is one problem that arises from the current checkout method that requires everything to be scanned individually then repacked that does somewhat defeat the purpose. wouldn't it be great if there was a system that could simply scan everything in the bags as you walked through... maybe rfid based... but that's a little beyond me. but that could be a conceptual resolution for this issue. the bag manufacturer claims that 1 eco bag can hold the same as 4 regular plastic bags with a maximum load of 18kg per bag. so effectively the trolley could hold 16 plastic bags worth of items which from my experience seems comparable to how much a traditional trolley takes. As for it falling over i don't think this should be too much of an issue. as the bags sit between the front legs this should prevent the load from swinging side to side and potentially toppling it over. and forwards and backwards the wheelbase should be large enough to be to prevent any tipping that way. Originally I planned the wheels to be much larger, roughly 150mm diameter, but due to the way it folds flat this resulted in it being 300mm deep at the bottom so i reduced the wheels to minimise it's size when folded while trying to retain a size that would adequately handle most reasonable obstacles... that being said they are still larger than the wheels on the current style of shopping trolley. I kept them rather thin and used a spoked design purely as it is so conceptual. If it were to be designed for production i agree with what you're saying, for manufacturing cost, usability etc i think a solid wheel would be much more suitable than the spoked one and thicker tires to absorb bumps etc. I could increase the size of the wheels and retain a narrow folded profile if i mounted the rear leg on the outside of the front leg so that it folded next to the front wheel rather than behind it, however i feel that kind of kill the nice flat profile of the sides and the triangular form when it folds up.
  3. mitchb

    Trolley Design

    Thanks for the comment. As I stated the project is for our Structures and and Materials class so the focus is largely on the function and mechanical principles of the design, concentrating on the distribution of forces, structural integrity, human factors etc. As for where is the design.... where isn't it? A lot of thought has gone into the form,function and structure of the trolley. I have tried to house all the mechanism's within structural components to keep the outside appearance clean, simple and sticking to its geometric form. It does have a large engineering focus, but how does that mean it lacks "design"? Would you like me stick some pretty patterns on it and a brand label to call it "designed"? I value anyone's opinion that will help me develop my design to its full potential. Stating that "them wheels don't look appropriate" doesn't indicate why you feel this way or how I may potentially resolve this if it is an issue. I welcome any constructive criticism of my work that will help me grow as a designer, but if you have comments to make please elaborate so that I may gain something from it. Thanks
  4. mitchb

    Trolley Design

    Hey, thought I'd throw up some quick renders of one of the projects I'm currently working on for uni. It's for our structures and materials class and the breif was basically to design a personal shopping trolley than can fold flat. My trolley makes use of the 'Eco' green Bags (http://www.greenbag.com.au/products.php) as the receptacles for the goods which aren't pictured in the renders. the trolley holds 4 bags which go into the two carrier frames. the bags are locked onto the frame by draping the handles over the slots in the frame and snapping down the retaining clips.
  5. mitchb

    Show us your workspace

    This is my new home studio, it's not 100% done but I've got it to a good usable setup for going back to uni. After doing a big resto of the room i needed some bench space so i grabbed a broken 3300mm pallet from work and turned it into the main table top you see below. I'm having a glass top made currently so that i will be able to draw on it etc I found the draws/file cabinets and decided to use them as the supports instead of trestles to give some storage space and put them to use. the other table is an antique table i had in the garage, it's about 150 years old and looks to have never been restored, i love the look of it. the drawing board and office chair were more freebies from work. I need to get around to making some shelves for the wall and a bookcase and a few other things, I'll probably get around to that in the mid sem break, it's a work in progress so I'll put up some updates when i make some cool additions.
  6. mitchb


    Hi everyone, I've been browsing these forums a bit more regularly lately so I thought it's about time to contribute. My name is Mitch, I'm 21. I'm a 2nd year Industrial design student sub majoring in social inquiry at UTS in Sydney, Australia. Previously I studied motorsports engineering and worked in the motorsports industry for a while after finishing high school, This was fun to do but left me feeling fairly unfulfilled and creatively unchallenged so I decided to turn back to design. For the last couple of years I've been designing and building store and exhibition displays and occasional product r&d work for CSR with their various building product companies here in Australia as well as doing some free lance stuff and the occasional custom furniture piece for clients. looking forward to contributing to and learning more from the forums, I put up some photos of my new home studio in the Show us your workspace thread if you feel like checking it out!

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